Campus Ministry


Campus Ministry supports the Archbishop Mitty High School community to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Through a comprehensive program which includes, the celebration of the Eucharist, prayer services, retreats, immersion trips, advocacy, and service work, students are encouraged to embody the gospels values of Faith, Hope, and Love.


Campus Ministry Profile

Here is where you can manage your Campus Ministry profile. Incoming students will be taught how to update their Campus Ministry profile in the Fall.

Retreats and Spiritual Formation

Students can deepen both their relationship with God and their personal spirituality,  as well as friendships with classmates.

Christian Service

Students have the opportunity to witness their commitment to Christian values through service to those in need in the wider community.

Immersion Trips

Students travel the world to experience ethical and cultural issues to build responsible global leadership, faith and solidarity.

Youth Ministry

Students have the opportunity to grow spiritually as they lead their classmates in prayer.

Social Justice Advocacy

Students learn how to put their faith into action as they learn how to make systemic change.

Word and Worship

Students actively participate in the spiritual life of the school through weekly prayer, monthly liturgies, and sacraments.

Adult Spirituality

Faculty/staff and parents learn about and deepen their spirituality.


Director of Campus Ministry
Tim Wesmiller

Fr. James Okafor

Campus Ministry Administrative Assistant
Kim Roberts

Campus Ministry Associate: Liturgies
Christina McDougall

Campus Ministry Associate: Immersion Trips
Kristy Calaway

Campus Ministry Associate: Retreats
Bill Kroenung

Campus Ministry Associate: Christian Service
Betsy Portillo