Mrs. Latanya Hilton President

Ms. Kate Caputo


Mr. Keith Mathews

Associate Principal

Mr. Jim Fallis

Assistant Principal

Ms. Lauren Bevilacqua

Mr. Will Perez

Dean of Students

Ms. Teré Aceves

Vice President of Advancement

Mrs. Deepika Nabar

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Eric Anderson

Chief Information Officer

Mrs. Katherine Wesmiller

Director of Admissions

Mr. Brian Eagleson

Athletic Director

Ms. Jamie Visser

Director of Campus Ministry

Mrs. Patsy Vargas

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mr. Doug Santana

Director of Performing Arts

Mr. Greg Walker

Director of Student Activities

Archbishop Mitty High School operates under the direction of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of San Jose.  The President has the ultimate responsibility for the general administrative functions of the school.  In addition, the President maintains the financial and public relations departments of the school, maintains the relationship between the school and its publics; insures the ongoing Catholic identity of the school; supervises the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and facilitates the operations of the school’s Board of Regents.

The Board of Regents is comprised of members of the local community dedicated to the continuing success of Archbishop Mitty.  It meets quarterly and advises the President. Through its committees, the Board assists in strategic planning and policy development.

The principal oversees the day-to-day operations of the school.  Additionally, the principal oversees the academic departments of Mathematics, Science, Physical Development, and World Languages,  student placement processes and grade reporting functions; supervises the Associate Principal; Assistant Principal, the Deans of Students, Chief Information Officer, Director of Admissions, the Registrar, the Educational Technology Coordinator; evaluates the program of instruction; and promotes curriculum development. 

The Associate Principal oversees the academic departments of English, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts; supervises the Athletic Director; evaluates the program of instruction; promotes curriculum development; and chairs the school's Legacy Committee.

The Assistant Principal oversees the ARC Program, the Excel Program, the Counseling Program, campus facilities, and assists with teacher development and evaluation.  The Director of Performing Arts and the Director of Student Activities also report to the Assistant Principal.

The Deans of Students administer the school’s attendance and discipline systems; establishes and maintains practices that promote campus safety and student well being; and maintains the school’s relationship with the local neighborhood.

The Administrative Council meets biweekly and serves to advise the President and the Principal.  The Council includes the Associate Principal, the Assistant Principal, the Deans of Students and the following administrators: 

  • Athletic Director: Mr. Brian Eagleson
  • Chief Financial Officer: Mrs. Deepika Nabar
  • Chief Information Officer: Mr. Eric Anderson
  • Director of Admissions: Ms. Katherine Wesmiller
  • Director of Campus Ministry: Ms. Jamie Visser
  • Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Mrs. Patsy Vargas
  • Director of Performing Arts: Mr. Doug Santana
  • Director of Student Activities: Mr. Greg Walker
  • Vice President of Advancement: Mrs. Teré Aceves

The Academic Council meets biweekly and advises the Principal and the Associate Principal on matters related to academics.  Along with the Principal and the Associate Principal, each of the following administrators serves on the Academic Council:

  • Chair of the Counseling Department: Mrs. Elaine Calamba
  • Chair of the English Department: Mrs. Beth Madia
  • Chair of the Mathematics Department: Mrs. Megan Brody
  • Chair of the Physical Development Department: Mr. Brian Yocke
  • Chair of the Religious Studies Department: Mr. Steve Scott
  • Chair of the Science Department: Mr. Paul Sampson
  • Chair of the Social Studies Department: Mr. Brendan Lavelle
  • Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department: Ms. Peggy Lemak
  • Chair of the World Languages Department: Mrs. Shelley Hopkins
  • Director of Performing Arts: Mr. Doug Santana 
  • Educational Technology Coordinator: Mrs. Kristy Savage