Graduation Outcomes

Students in the Image and Likeness of God

The Archbishop Mitty High School community is founded upon the belief that God creates every student "in the image and likeness of God" (Genesis 1:26). Based on this belief, the school encourages every student to personally carry on the creative act of God by developing his or her talents and abilities to the fullest. At the same time, the school challenges each student to aid in creating a world in the image and likeness of God, a world founded on the Gospel values of gentleness, compassion, justice, mercy, and peace.

Students are challenged to grow toward the realization of the Archbishop Mitty High School graduation outcomes. The outcomes describe the AMHS graduate. All programs at the school are designated to aid all students in realizing these graduation outcomes.

The Archbishop Mitty graduate is:

  • Intellectually Competent
  • Just
  • Faith-filled
  • Respectful
  • A Leader


1. Intellectually Competent

The Archbishop Mitty graduate demonstrates the intellectual curiosity and academic skills needed for success in college and adult life.

Commitment to Learning and Learning Skills

• The graduate demonstrates a commitment to producing quality academic work at the level of a student entering college.
• The graduate employs a variety of strategies and technologies to enhance learning.
• The graduate efficiently accesses information while evaluating the quality and pertinence of information.

Expanding and Integrating Knowledge

• The graduate integrates knowledge and strategies from different subject areas in problem solving and decision-making.
• The graduate reads, summarizes, and evaluates information consistent with the competence of a student entering college.
• The graduate appreciates art in its diverse forms and cultural expressions.
• The graduate demonstrates knowledge of the significant ideas and concepts that influence contemporary society.

Communication Skills

• The graduate communicates with purpose and understanding of audience.
• The graduate clearly articulates ideas both orally and in writing.
• The graduate recognizes, analyzes, and evaluates various forms of communication.

Use of Reason

• The graduate effectively organizes and classifies information to support inferences and justify conclusions.
• The graduate employs multiple strategies in solving various types of problems.
• The graduate effectively synthesizes new information with prior knowledge.

2. Just

The Archbishop Mitty graduate serves the needs of others and recognizes the biblical call for justice.

An Orientation to Service

• The graduate regularly commits personal time and talents to organizations that support people in need.
• The graduate recognizes the need for volunteerism in society and can identify volunteer opportunities.

Faith and Justice

• The graduate recognizes the biblical call for justice and works to support just structures in society.
• The graduate evaluates and critiques society in the light of Gospel values.

3. Faith-Filled

The Archbishop Mitty graduate pursues a developing spiritual life.

Open to the Experience of God and Church

• The graduate reflects on personal actions and beliefs.
• The graduate participates in communal prayer.
• The graduate is developing an active spiritual life and participates in programs to enhance spiritual growth.
• The graduate employs the process of formation of conscience in making moral choices.

Knowledgeable of the Teachings of the Catholic Church

• The graduate demonstrates knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus.
• The graduate recognizes the relationship between faith and justice in Catholic social teaching.
• The graduate recognizes that the Catholic Church teaches the consistent ethics of life.

4. Respectful

The Archbishop Mitty graduate is maturing as a person.

Growing in Personal Maturity

• The graduate is learning to prioritize and balance the various dimensions of life.
• The graduate demonstrates a capacity for independent work.
• The graduate is growing in self-confidence.
• The graduate seeks to live a healthy lifestyle.

Living an Ethical Life

• The graduate values honesty and integrity.
• The graduate respects the rights and needs of others.
• The graduate accepts responsibility for personal actions and understands how those actions affect others.
• The graduate acts upon a personal value system that is consistent with Gospel teachings.

5. A Leader

The Archbishop Mitty graduate, through word and action, provides leadership to promote the common good and build community.

Valuing Community

• The graduate values the common good and recognizes that individual acts influence the welfare of the community.
• The graduate recognizes that each individual is created in the image of God and that God is encountered within the community.
• The graduate appreciates the diversity of individuals and groups in society.
• The graduate demonstrates knowledge of diverse cultures and respects a variety of world views.

Leadership Skills in Building Community

• The graduate effectively functions as a team member in solving problems and supporting community projects.
• The graduate speaks and acts respectfully when working with others towards the achievement of a common task.
• The graduate demonstrates leadership skills.
• The graduate demonstrates the organizational skills necessary to complete complex tasks.
• The graduate evaluates situations of conflict and develops strategies to resolve conflicts in a manner that respects individual opinions while furthering the goals of the community.