Driver Education


For the convenience of students, AMHS works with a local agency to provide the state required Driver Education course.  The school cooperates with Economic Driving School to make available Driver Education, the state required course for students to obtain their instruction permit and driver license.


Online Driver Education is the state required course being offered through Economic Driving School #2430.  The Driver Ed. course is approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Reading, flash graphics, videos, quizzes, and practice tests are part of the course.  In addition, the student will be prepared to be a safer driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian as well as pass the DMV permit test.  The course is easy to use.  You simply login to the website, enroll, and you can begin immediately!  Students will be sent a state completion certificate via U.S. mail upon completion of the course.

When registering make sure to complete the question that says: How did you hear about us by choosing School:  Enter code: 6610

Prerequisites: Students need to be at least 15 years of age to enroll.

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Cost: $68.50