Spirit Week

In the fall of each year, the Archbishop Mitty campus prepares to embark on Spirit Week. This is a tremendous week of school spirit and competition, which ultimately brings our community closer. It's truly a highlight of the 1st semester. 

Welcome to Spirit Week 2017!  In their first year, the freshmen ventured into their new home as Jungle Book. Sophomores looked to keep campus safe at James Bond, 007. Juniors explored the outer world as E.T.: Extra-Terrestrial. The seniors took high school back to the late 50’s as Grease. As always, each class was designated a color for the year. Freshmen wore green, sophomores red, juniors blue, and the seniors wore black.




The Archbishop Mitty community enjoyed another Spirit Week with a variety of activities, dress days, and student participation. The week started with “Country Club Monday,” where students showed up ready for the golf course and tennis court. On Tuesday, students turned back the clocks to enjoy their favorite cartoon on “Toon Tuesday.” Then, Wednesday was “Class Color Day” with an action-packed game of powder puff football. On Thursday, characters from “Grease,” “ET,” “007,” and “Jungle Book” were roaming the campus. Finally, Friday was “Mitty Wear Day,” so students dressed with school pride and enjoyed an exciting spirit rally.

Amid heavy competition in powder puff football, cheerleader dancing, and an epic tug of war contest, the numbers spoke for themselves. In the end, the Class of 2019 accumulated more than 214.5 points and will have its class year engraved on the Spirit Week trophy. Thanks to the work of class representatives, ASB, and students, the entire Archbishop Mitty community was truly victorious.




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 Spirit Week Winner


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