Spirit Week

To be clear, Spirit Week has been going on here at Archbishop Mitty since the 1970’s. Although we’re no longer trying to stuff students into a Volkswagon Bug, the week still consists of several different and memorable elements. 

Each class has a theme for the week (developed in the summer), and members of Student Government are sworn to secrecy. The classes are then presented with their theme during a homeroom activities period, and names are drawn for our class events. Words don’t do our events justice; it’s something that you should see in order to fully appreciate.

In their first year, freshmen will be their mischievous selves as How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Sophomores will swing for victory as Happy Gilmore. Juniors will team up to find their way as The Maze Runner. The seniors will search for the American dream as The Great Gatsby. As always, each class is designated a color for the year. Freshmen wear green, sophomores red, juniors blue, and the seniors wear black.

The winner of Spirit Week will be announced at the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 26th.


Each class presented their theme during divisional assemblies. Check out the videos below!



 Spirit Week Winner


 Spirit Week Winner




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