Academic Requirements


Archbishop Mitty requires that students achieve particular goals in regards to minimum number, six (6), and nature of courses taken each year; the course of study in each department each year; and the total number of units required for graduation. A student who fulfills these three criteria is in good standing academically while at Archbishop Mitty and earns an Archbishop Mitty diploma.

I. Academic Requirements by Year

Freshman Year

6 courses each semester required

Sophomore Year

6 courses each semester required

Junior Year

6 courses each semester required

Senior Year

6 courses each semester required. 5 courses each semester must be academic.

Elective courses are chosen from the English, Mathematics, World Languages, Performing Arts, Physical Development, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Science, and Visual Arts departments.

The following courses do not count toward meeting the requirement for the minimum number of courses in a semester: Journalism II, Student Government, Music Performance, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Sketch Comedy, and Speech and Debate.

II. Graduation Requirements by Department

English 8 semesters with a minimum of one every semester
Mathematics 6 semesters in freshman, sophomore, and junior year (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
World Languages 4 semesters in the same language
Physical Development 2 semesters (1 required in freshman year)
Religious Studies 8 semesters
Science 6 semesters in freshman, sophomore, and junior year (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science or Physics)

Social Studies

6 semesters
U.S. History in the sophomore year
World History in the junior year
2 Senior Social Studies Electives (2 one semester courses or 1 yearlong course)
Visual Arts or Performing Arts 2 semesters in one course, e.g. Visual Art 1 and Visual Art 2/Painting
(1 semester required in freshman year)
Christian Service Completion of 80 hours of verified Christian Service

III. Required Units for Graduation

Minimum Units Required: 240

A senior who does not pass the required 30 units each semester of senior year, fails a course in senior year (and does not make up the units during senior year), or does not meet the graduation requirements in any provision (including all financial obligations to the school and the Christian Service requirement), does not receive a diploma or a transcript with date of graduation; nor is the individual included in the alumni until such time as the deficiency is rectified.

Report Cards and On Campus

AMHS uses two methods of reporting grades for students.

1) OnCampus provides information on a semi-monthly basis. This information includes specifics on student grades such as homework assignments, quizzes, class participation, projects, and exams. Parents and students may review a student’s progress by consulting OnCampus. Teachers upload grades at the middle and end of each month.

2) Report cards are posted on the AMHS website at the conclusion of each semester and each quarter. Grades on the second and fourth report cards are the semester grades and are the basis on which credit for the semester’s work is determined. Only semester grades appear on the transcripts. Transcripts are also posted on the website. The first and third quarter report cards are considered formal student progress reports.

Report cards and transcripts may be printed from the website. This may be accessed from Quick Links on the website. Follow the example to log on to your student’s page. Click on Students on the top bar to view the drop down menu to select report card or transcript. Posting dates for the year are as follows : Quarter One: October 31, 2016 (report card only); Semester One: January 17, 2017 (report card and unofficial transcript); Quarter Three: March 20, 2017 (report card only); Semester Two: June 5, 2017 (report card and unofficial transcript)