Get involved on campus---JOIN A CLUB!


Mitty offers many extracurricular activities for its students. There are over 50 active clubs and programs on campus throughout the year that provide a space for students with common interests to have shared experiences. These clubs meet before, after, or during school.

Each year, as we return to school in the Fall, students may organize additional clubs by recruiting a moderator, completing a "new club application", enlisting a roster of members, and receiving approval from the Director of Student Activities. Proposed clubs needs to align with AMHS policies and doctrines.

These clubs are meant to serve as a way for students with common interests to gather, share experiences, and build community. Our club structure does not require or provide a means for students to miss academic school time for events. Fundraising is NOT ALLOWED for our clubs, and travel that involves overnight stays WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.



3D Modeling & Printing creates a creative space where students can build 3D models of whatever they want and learn how to use CAD software. Through planning, and testing, students can be proud of the work they create in this club.

Moderator: Mr. Dennis Ortega


Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) is a positive space which provides opportunities to create and fulfill acts of kindness that boost your well-being and the well-being of those in your community. Simple acts of kindness bring us happiness, and with the foundation of kindness, ARK hopes to promote student wellness on campus. We aim to provide social connectivity, an emphasis on gratitude, and creative ideas to give back to society and family.

Moderator: Ms. Marian Wyman


In order to spread awareness and inclusion of the deaf community, students will learn basic conversational ASL, proper etiquette, and everyday phrases. The goal will be to learn and be able to have interactions and conversations in ASL with deaf or hard-of-hearing people. Through collaborative instruction during weekly interactive sessions, the students of the club will share the awareness to the world who will treat ASL and Deaf culture with respect. It encourages service, learning projects, academic achievements, and participation in annual art and ASL literature.

Moderators: Mrs. Erika Vetter and Mr. Dean Papalia


Konnichiwa! Welcome to the AMHS Anime Club, where we’ll never grow out of watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Whether you want to watch Japanese animation, draw manga, play in a Super Smash Brothers tournament, hang out with friends, or just eat our food (and it’s delicious, we promise), Anime Club has a place for you. In the past, we have gone to anime films at theaters, visited the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, and gone to anime conventions. All students with an interest in anime or Japanese culture are welcome to join this club.

Moderator: Mr. Evans Leung


This club offers astronomy fans an opportunity to learn more about space related subjects and participate in space related events.

Moderator: Dr. Greg Scott


The AMHS Baking Club strives to unite members of the Archbishop Mitty community who share a passion for baking. We aim to help members hone their baking skills and foster friendships by baking and sharing our creations, recipes, and techniques at monthly meetings. We look to enrich members' baking knowledge and skills by attending workshops, both on and off campus. In addition to fostering a love for this culinary art, the AMHS Baking Club is committed to serving our community by sharing homemade baked goods with various non-profit organizations. We promote service to the greater community through our love of baking.

Moderator: Mrs. Peggy Lemak


For those who cannot make it to the beach, the Beach Volleyball Club brings the beach to Mitty. We strive to create a strong community through teamwork, skill building, friendly competition and fun.

Moderators: Mr. Tony Tran and Ms. Abby Bachanas


The mission of the Biology Club is to introduce students to the field of biology through fun activities that study biological concepts. An additional focus is to inspire and inform AMHS students about the variety of careers within the field of Biology.

Moderator: Mrs. Sigrid Jacobsen


The purpose of the Black Student Union is to celebrate and embrace Black identity and culture while understanding the issues impacting the Black experience at AMHS and within the community at large. This club welcomes all Mitty students, regardless of ethnic background. Click HERE to learn more about the celebraion of Black HIstory Month! Click HERE for a webpage dedicated to Black History Month.

Moderators: Mr. Greg Walker and Dr. Miel Wilson


The Brick Building Club allows students to express their creativity through intricate Lego structures. By bonding over a childhood favorite, students can take their skills to the next level in a fun, social and welcoming environment.

Moderator: Fr. Francis Kalaw


The Bringing Joy Club visits senior homes and convalescent hospitals, spending time with the residents there to build community and bridge the generational gap. Volunteers provide conversation and good company to many seniors who spend their days alone, without family members to visit with and talk to.

Moderator: Mrs. Jennifer Jackson


The Business Club aims to prepare students to enter the business world by educating them about business and providing hands-on experience. The club also wants to develop students' entrepreneurship potential while furthering their leadership and communication skills.

Moderators: Mr. Dominique Wise and Ms. Janeth Quebrado


Our club dedicates time to exploring various art forms. While art is our primary focus, we aspire to create art with a purpose. We seek to impact our community by giving our time and art to different organizations.

Moderator: Mr. Ryan Olein


Cards from Cali provides students with an opportunity for outreach outside of their own community. We will be writing cards with positive and encouraging messages for young cancer patients and inspiration to those caring for them. These cards will provide hope for kids battling cancer and let them know they are not alone.

Moderator: Mrs. Bea Scott


The Chemistry Club aims to create a space for all members’ interest in chemistry to thrive. Everyone will be welcome to join, share their interests, and learn more about the field. Providing a platform to share their interests, prep for the olympiad, and gain more knowledge about future careers in chemistry.

Moderator: Ms. Dianne Whittier-Foote


The mission of the chess club is to give students the opportunity to learn and play chess with others in the AMHS community. This is an environment where anybody of any level of expertise can feel free to play games and socialize. Meetings are once a month, and there are no mandatory meetings. We hope to create a space for people to have a good time.

Moderator: Mrs. Amy Olein


The mission of the Chinese Culture Club is to spread the knowledge of culture, art, and history of the Mandarin language. The club’s function is to invite students who are interested in the culture of Mandarin language to join and create a friendly, multicultural community with peers from across the world. It also recognizes excellent students of the Mandarin class and invites them to discuss and share their experiences of the language and culture.

Moderators: Mrs. Debby Lee and Ms. Connie Chang


The competitive science club aims to foster a healthy, low-stakes, competitive environment for students to be able to participate in student run tournaments. Whether you are new to the field or a science aficionado, this club provides a challenge but also entertainment for all Monarchs to enjoy.

Moderator: Ms. Brenda Welles 


The Computer Science Club aims to foster a supportive community that grows students’ excitement and experience in computing. Through various groups, ranging from app development to artificial intelligence to quantum computing, the club explores various divisions of computer science. All members, regardless of their experience levels, will navigate through the field with mentorship and project-based learning.

Moderators: Ms. Alexis Jefferson and Ms. Kayla Monk


The Creative Writing Club brings together students who have a passion for writing or a desire to develop their creative writing skills. Club members will have a safe environment to hone their writing skills, share their writing, and receive constructive feedback in order to improve their abilities. All club members will submit one piece of creative writing to a national writing competition or scholarship.

Moderator: Mrs. Carolyn Cmaylo


Crochet club is an engaging community of students that are focused on learning a fun and useful craft with their friends. Throughout the year, we will focus on learning crochet basics, and move into more extensive crafts like blankets, bags, and other projects that can be worked on through multiple meetings. We are open to all levels of crochet skill, and no prior crochet experience or knowledge is necessary.

Moderator: Mrs. Ashley Herring-Loos 


Disney Club is a place to unite all Disney lovers. This club is a place for Disney fans to express their love for Disney in a safe and fun environment. In Disney Club we will play Disney games, do projects, learn about the stories behind our favorite movies, have movie days, and make friends with common interests. Every club meeting will become the happiest place on campus.

Moderator: Mrs. Ashley Herring-Loos and Ms. Abby Bachanas


The E-sports club is a virtual club where competitive and casual E-Sports gamers can meet others and play together in a supportive environment via Zoom and Discord. While playing games like Valorant and League of Legends together and watching professional tournaments online, students can have the opportunity to have fun, compete, and improve their gaming skills.

Moderator: Mrs. Shalini D'souza


The Environmental Cleanup Club (ECC) is a group of students that care for the wellbeing and dignity  of the Bay Area community. Through coordinated cleanups of parks and neighborhoods        throughout the South Bay, the ECC’s goal is to help transform and bring beauty to Bay Area spaces through the disposal and recycling of unclaimed items. 

Moderator: Mr. John Bennett


FEM aims to provide a space for sharing experiences and fostering solidarity through social education and service to others in order to empower women within and beyond the Mitty community.

Moderator: Mrs. Jennifer Wallace


The Filipinx American Student Association (FASA) aims to create an environment in which Filipinx-American students can embrace and learn more about their culture. It is for all Mitty students who wish to have fun while learning about the culture and country of the Philippines.  FASA will be achieving these goals by attending cultural festivals and holding inclusive, interactive meetings at school

Moderator: Mrs. Elaine Calamba


The Healing Club provides a space for students, athletes or not, to discuss and practice preventive and rehabilitative techniques for the mind and body. In addition to bodily care, we aim to create a community of students connected by an overall desire to improve ourselves, both mentally and physically.

Moderator: Ms. Annie Burson-Ryan


The French Culture Club is dedicated to bringing a bit of the Francophone (French-speaking) world to Archbishop Mitty. We seek to educate and immerse students of all backgrounds in the rich and diverse cultures of Francophone countries through food, games, movies, music, holiday celebrations, guest speakers, and more. This is NOT a French language or an exclusively “France” club; rather, it is a club focused on celebrating the diversity and history of French-speaking cultures all over the world.

Moderator: Mrs. Lori Carbone


The Garden Culture Club unites people desiring personal connections with the environment. Our activities include maintaining Mitty’s garden, organizing donation efforts to the Catholic Worker House, and expanding awareness of gardening practices. Those interested in getting hands-on experience working in the garden are encouraged to come to one of our meetings!

Moderators: Mrs. Janet Fenker and Mr. Mike Targgart and Ms. Allison Pfeifer


The Geography Club strives to be a space where students discover, advance, and share interest in and passion for geographical knowledge. Through its study and appreciation of geography, Geography Club inherently and fundamentally embraces each students’ unique background and perspective.

Moderator: Ms. Dalane Bollinger


This group is focused on working to improve our environment, here on campus, and in the larger community, by working on eco-friendly actions and helping to educate others about climate issues that face our world.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Sampson


The purpose of this club is to unite the witches and wizards of the school through games, discussions, and activities. The Harry Potter community is more than just fans of a book series; we feel like we could really be a part of that world. There are some Potterheads just waiting for their chance to share their opinions about the series, but they just have no one to discuss it with. That’s what this club is about; bringing the wizarding world to life and sparking the magic inside of others.

Moderator: Mrs. Annie Burson-Ryan


INTERACT is an international organization of service and social clubs for young people of secondary school age that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace. The Interact Club completes at least one community service project and at least one project that promotes international understanding and goodwill each year.

Moderator: Ms. Stephanie Schoppe


The Jewish Student Union’s mission is to provide a space for both Jewish and non-Jewish students to learn about and experience the Jewish culture through various social and cultural events.

Moderator: Ms. Roksana Gorgolewski


The Korean American Student Association (KASA) aims to provide friendly support, a chance for bonding, and for  all students interested in Korean culture. Students enrolled in KASA will learn beautiful Korean cultures and interact through various game activities, Korean food, drama, songs, and celebrating Korean anniversaries.

Moderator: Mrs. Sigrid Jacobsen


The Latinx American Student Union provides a network of social, spiritual and academic support to Latinx students at Archbishop Mitty High School. We strive to educate and celebrate Latinx culture and history amongst ourselves and with the larger Mitty community. We welcome all Mitty students, regardless of ethnic background.

Moderator: Mr. Anthony Rojo and Mrs. Patsy Vargas


This club focuses on improving students' general knowledge of essential skills that are needed in the 'real world' including: how to interview, budgeting money and how taxes work.

Moderator: Mr. Matthew Linhares


The Linguistics Club offers students a place to be introduced to and discuss the field of linguistics, including historical, evolutionary, and computational linguistics. The club will host discussions, learning resources, lectures, competition practice, and other activities, through fun and accessible meetings.

Moderator: Mrs. Laura Prats


Join us each week as we tackle challenging math problems together and discuss interesting new mathematics. In addition to our weekly Math Madness battles against other highschools, the Archbishop Mitty Math Team attends a variety of prestigious events throughout the year. The focus is on problem solving skills not normally seen in the classroom.

Moderator: Mr. Matthew Linhares


The Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA) is a space for students of Middle Eastern descent at Mitty, including but not limited to the Arab, Iranian, and Turkish diaspora of Mitty, to celebrate their ancient traditions and partake in their rich cultures. Furthermore, this club will allow the rest of Mitty’s student body to learn more about these greatly underrepresented cultures from and celebrate Middle Eastern cultural traditions with the Middle Eastern diaspora in Mitty.

Moderator: Ms. Marian Wyman


The Folklorico Club allows students to learn more about their culture and express their pride through performative art.

Moderator: Mrs. Tania Keck


Mitty Med aspires to educate students about health careers and broaden each member’s knowledge of medicine and other healthcare fields. The club cultivates a friendly and fun environment in which students can work and learn together. Mitty Med activities will further develop members’ skills in collaboration and problem solving, and prepare students for careers in the healthcare field.

Moderator: Ms. Heidi Van Dyke


The Mitty Monarch Media Club (M3) aims to bring the diverse world of film and animation to its members. The club is for anyone interested in creating short films, documentaries, and animated films. We go behind the scenes and analyze how movies are made in order to build our knowledge in creating new projects.

Moderator: Mr. Jeff Petersen


The Mitty Sports Club brings together a passionate community engaged in a variety of different sports. Students can bond in a fun way by participating in several activities such as Trivia, Fantasy Leagues, and Game Watch Parties.

Moderator: Ms. Katie Sullivan


The goal of Mountain Biking Club is to explore the trails of Santa Clara County. The rides are designed to allow members to relax from the stress of their lives. Mountain biking skills will be taught at each outing. Some ride locations include Almaden Quicksilver Park, Saratoga Gap, and Fremont Older Park.

Moderator: Mr. Bill Abb 


The goal of the Music Production Club is to bring together people who are interested in music to learn about how music production works. The club hopes to cultivate creativity and positive thinking through members' passion for music. We want to assist students with any musical projects that they want to work on; focuses of the club include recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. Anybody, regardless of experience level, is invited to either aid in production or learn production from experienced members and officers.

Moderator: Mr. Steve Scott


The NeuroPsych Club cultivates an environment in which students can enter the vast world of neuroscience and psychology. In this club, we engage in fun, brain-stimulating activities and games, have discussions on interesting topics and current events surrounding the field, explore career opportunities through seminars and panels, and more. Together, students can explore the inner workings of the brain and human behavior and meet like-minded peers

Moderator: Mrs. Shalini D'souza


On the Same Page will promote collaboration and invite students to share pieces of literature that resonate with them. Our mission is for each club member to be able to freely share their own ideas and perspectives of books, while also listening and keeping an open mind to others’ ideas.

Moderator: Mrs. Kristy Savage


The Philosophy Club aims to open up students’ minds to a more sophisticated way of thinking with engaging philosophical questions. The club will educate students on the basis of political science, and foster discourse surrounding the moral+ethical foundation and implications of politics and philosophy—both currently and historically. Bringing students together to play philosophical games and compare different philosophies around the world, members will engage in topics ranging from political theory and ethical philosophy, to international diplomacy and domestic policy.

Moderators: Ms. Elizabeth Ekman and Mr. Mike Faby


The Physics Club seeks to cultivate a community of intellectually diverse students excited about physics. This club will explore various fields within the discipline including but not limited to fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, particle physics and more! No prior knowledge of physics is needed to participate in this club. Officers strive to create an outlet for students to learn about physics in a stress free environment as well as illuminate the creative aspect that we don’t often get to see in a classroom setting.

Moderators: Dr. Diane Hart


The PIT is the official Archbishop Mitty cheering section. This formal club allows students to come together to encourage and support Archbishop Mitty’s various sporting events. The PIT is a source of inspiration, encouragement, and positive support for AMHS athletics. After events, the PIT is expected to sing the school Alma Mater as a tribute to the hard work of its student-athletes. Sign-ups normally take place at the beginning of the school year. Members are entitled to free entrance into home sporting events, along with priority status for rooter buses to selected away games, and tailgate/pre-game activities.

(Club activities and signups will be announced based on information provided by the Santa Clara County)


Moderator: Mr. Cody King

(Please see: ROBOTICS PAGE


The Role Playing Games Club is dedicated to bringing people together to sit down and play RPGs, a cooperative experience that aims to use students' creativity and narrative skills to overcome presented challenges. Along with fostering connections, students contribute to a collective running storyline, unbounded by scripts or definite plots, creating interesting stories and tales. Above all, the primary goal of this club is to have a place where friends can play together and have a good time.

Moderator: Dr. Theresa Cooper


Archbishop Mitty is excited to welcome back SASA to its club community. This club strives to provide a space for students to learn more about and appreciate South Asian cultures. SASA will host meetings to listen to music, dance, eat cultural food, and create a safe space for all that identify and are interested in South Asian culture to immerse themselves into the heritage.

Moderator: Mrs. Hanza Mathew


The mission of this club is to offer students an opportunity to engage in current event topics of personal interest, and to provide an environment to share and discuss issues in today's world. Areas of focus will rotate through the year to include: Politics, Economics, and Hi-Tech.

Moderator: Mr. Steve Scott


Tinker Club challenges students to become environmentally conscious by creating a space for them to exercise their creativity through building. Its aim is to allow students to learn ways to turn the trash into treasure, if you will, while also providing the space to make their own creation.

Moderators: Dr. Diane Hart


The mission of the True Crime Club is to investigate different cases of true crime using critical thinking skills. We hope to make connections using theories and ideas with one another and have fun while exploring different cases. We also hope to introduce a different field of work to anyone who would like to participate.

Moderator: Mrs. Carolyn Cmaylo


The Vietnamese Student Association is committed to celebrating and sharing Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese-American experience. Our activities include Game Nights, celebrating the Lunar New Year, performing a fan dance at the Tet Festival, and an end-of-the-year multicultural party that includes other cultural clubs on and off campus.

Moderator: Mrs. Tien Menor