Described is everything you need to know about our upcoming dances. Once you've reviewed our dance policies, scroll down for specific dance requirements, download guest pass forms, and purchase tickets.

Dances at Archbishop Mitty are a great opportunity for students to come together, listen to the latest music, and enjoy creative themes. Tickets are only available through ONLINE purchasing, and are non-refundable. As students are scanned in to verify ticket purchase and attendance, it's important the students bring their CURRENT student IDs to each dance.

Any student who is deemed inappropriately dressed (by the Dean of Students or Assistant Dean of Students) may be refused admission into an Archbishop Mitty dance. Please check dress code requirements or contact the Dean's Office prior to the dance for details.

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AMHS Dance Regulations & Attire

The values and regulations given below are in effect not simply at AMHS, but at all Catholic high schools in the Diocese of San Jose. These expectations were developed collaboratively by the Deans and Activities Directors at all six high schools in the Diocese (Archbishop Mitty, Bellarmine, Notre Dame San Jose, Presentation, Saint Francis, and Saint Lawrence). The Principals of the six schools endorsed these policies. The policies will be implemented, published, and enforced at all six schools.

These common policies emerge from our shared mission in promoting the Catholic Christian values that recognize the dignity and self-worth of all people. Within this setting, dances are viewed as an opportunity for students to socialize in a supervised and safe environment. Students' behavior and attire should reflect this guiding principle.

General Regulations

  • Guests are not admitted without a high school ID or guest pass.
  • All students in attendance must provide student ID upon request from a dance supervisor. In the event of any violation of these regulations or any other behavior deemed inappropriate, the dean of the guest's school will be notified of the incident.
  • Large jackets, purses, and backpacks may be inspected by the faculty chaperones before admittance to the dance.
  • For the duration of the dance, students will be expected to be in compliance with the standards of dress stated below.
  • All dance styles must comply with standards of modesty and safety. The faculty and administrators in attendance will be the final judge of the appropriateness of dance style. Inappropriate dancing includes, but is not limited to, the following: slam dancing, moshing, freaking or booty dancing (including prone, butt-to-crotch, crotch-to-crotch, and "sandwich" dancing), or otherwise inappropriate or dangerous dancing.
  • The use of any controlled substance or mind-altering substance is not permitted.
  • Students violating any of these rules may have their parents phoned and may be asked to leave the dance. They may also face further disciplinary consequences up to and including dismissal.


  • Students are expected to be clean and neat in their personal appearance, observing standards of modesty, moderation, and good taste.  Any interpretation and judgment in these matters lies with the school personnel supervising the dance.
  • Clothing should be clean, hemmed, and unripped. 
  • Clothing displaying any offensive or sexually-suggestive language, or anything related to tobacco products and controlled substances will not be permitted.
  • Any boy who attends a dance at any high school in the Diocese of San Jose must wear clothes that meet the following guidelines. Boys will wear shirts with sleeves. Shirts must be either tucked into the pants or extend below the waistline. Pants, which may be short or long, must have pockets. Pants must be secured around the natural waist. Shoes must be worn at all times. Hats are not permitted.
  • Any girl who attends a dance at any high school in the Diocese of San Jose must wear clothing that meets the following guidelines. Overly tight pants or spandex pants or shorts (i.e., bike shorts) may not be worn as outer garments. Shorts, skirts, and dresses may be no shorter than mid-thigh, and must be within 6" from mid-knee (at its highest point). Slits on dresses or skirts that end above mid-thigh, or more than 6" from mid-knee are not permitted. Dresses and skirts that are tight-fitting are not premitted into the dance.  Blouses, dresses, and tops that are strapless, “spaghetti-strap” tops, tube tops, halter tops, or tops that are low cut, off the shoulder, or that show a bare midriff are not permitted. Yoga pants are also not allowed.  Shoes must be worn at all times. Hats are not permitted.

Any student with questions about dress code is invited to visit the Dean of Students office for clarification of details or to show the office an outfit prior to any Archbishop Mitty Dance for approval.

Additional AMHS Dance Directives In addition to the above diocesan-wide policies, the following directives are also in effect at AMHS:

  • Non-formal dances normally run from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. with the doors closing at 9:00pm and reopening at 11:00pm.  Jr. Prom and Senior Ball normally run from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30pm, with the doors closing at 8:00 p.m. and reopening at 11:30pm.  No entering or exiting is allowed during these times.  Exceptions are only allowed when a parent is there to pick up his/her student.  If a student becomes ill during the dance, his/her parents will be notified (including non-Mitty guests). 

  • Students must be picked up from dances by 11:30 pm for non-formal dances, and midnight for proms.

  • Junior high students are not allowed at AMHS dances. 

  • Freshmen may not attend Junior Prom or Senior Ball. 

  • Freshman, sophomore, and junior students may invite guests who are in high school (not over age 18). 

  • Senior students may invite guests who are college age (not over age 20). Seniors students must have prior permission from the Dean of Students to bring a college-age guest by submitting the dance guest pass directly to the Dean before submitting it to Student Activities. College-age guests will be required to present a proper photo ID confirming their birth date prior to admittance to the dance. An AMHS student is allowed to bring no more than one guest and must complete a Dance Guest Pass. This guest pass must be submitted to the Student Activities Office by 3:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the date of the dance.

  • An AMHS student is allowed to bring no more than one guest and must complete a Dance Guest Pass. This guest pass must be submitted to the Student Activities Office by 3:00 pm on the Tuesday prior to the date of the dance, along with a printed copy of the purchase receipt.  Any non-Mitty guest attending the dance must ARRIVE & LEAVE with the inviting AMHS student. No guests will be allowed entry if the AMHS student is not present at check-in. 

  • Any forged signatures on a guest pass will result in forfeiture of attendance at that and/or future dances, no refund, and possible disciplinary action.  Students and their guests must present their student body card or a valid photo ID upon entering the dance. 

  • These items are strictly prohibited due to their association with club drug use: glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, mouth bubbles, etc. pacifiers, suckers, and other items placed in the mouth Such items will be confiscated, not returned, and the student referred to a dean.

For the duration of the dance, AMHS students and their guests are expected to be in compliance with all school policies, the stated dance dress code, and dance style restrictions. Should AMHS students and/or their guests refuse to follow directives regarding attire, inappropriate dancing, etc., the administration reserves the right to cancel future dances.

Dance Schedule for 2017-18 school year:

September 9 - Back to School Dance

October 28 - Homecoming Dance

The theme for our homecoming dance this year is Midnight Lights!

Attire is semi-formal, and should be something a student can wear for other dressy occasions. 

Appropriate gentlemen’s attire includes a dress shirt, sweater, vest, or sport coat with dress slacks and dress shoes. No hats are permitted. 

Appropriate ladies’ attire includes dressy outfits (no formal gowns). Skirt length must stay at six inches from mid-knee (including skirt slit). The top may not be low-cut (showing visible cleavage) in the front or strapless (spaghetti straps, halter, and boat neck tops are okay), may not reveal bare midriff or sides, and must have three inches of material from the natural waistline in the back. Additionally, dresses that are tight fitting will not be permitted. No transparent material or rubber/plastic flat thong sandals. 

Dresses must have 2 straps that are part of the dress material and not transparent.

Otherwise, normal dress code rules are in effect.

April 21 - Junior Prom

May 5 - Senior Ball

This is a formal event. Freshman students are prohibited from attending the Senior Ball. The renting of limousines is permitted for this dance. The renting of hotel rooms for pre-event or post-event gatherings is prohibited.

Appropriate gentlemen’s attire is a suit or tuxedo with collared shirt and tie (or mandarin/band collar shirt) and dress shoes (no athletic shoes). A “suit” is a matching pair of dress slacks and jacket. A sport coat or other type of jacket and mismatched pants is not considered a suit.

Appropriate ladies’ attire includes semi-formal length and formal outfits. Skirt length must stay at least six inches from mid-knee (including skirt slit). The top may not be low-cut in the front, may not show bare midriff or sides, and must have three inches of material from the natural waistline in the back. Strapless tops are not permitted, however a one-shoulder strap or halter dress can be worn for this dance (straps must be part of the dress). Transparent material, flip-flops, and athletic shoes are not permitted.

Click HERE to see examples of dresses for the prom (includes items NOT PERMITTED & those which are approved).

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