Mitty Market

Can't figure out where to pay for dances or retreats? Where is the website for textbooks and tuition payments? Welcome to Mitty Market, a one-stop page that will link you to everything we sell at Archbishop Mitty.

Athletic Sports Pack

Purchase your athletic sports pack. A new page will appear. Click on the appropriate season located on the right hand side under Product Categories.

AMPA Events

All events sponsored by the Archbishop Mitty Parent's Association.


Purchase textbooks for all your classes.

Booster Pass

Driver Education

Students may enroll in classes offered by a private contractor.

Giving Opportunities

Support the students and programs of Archbishop Mitty High School.

Immersion Trips

Make payments for your student's immersion trips. For more information about our Immersion Trips click here.

Lion's Den

Buy all your Mitty wear and Sports Pack here.


Sign and make payments for your student's retreat. For more information about our Retreats click here.

Theater Tickets

Purchase tickets for our amazing productions.