The retreat program at Mitty is an essential part of the communal and spiritual experience at Archbishop Mitty. Through participating in a retreat, students are able to deepen both their personal spirituality as well as their relationships with classmates and members of the faculty and staff. Overnight retreats are offered at every grade level. Senior students, recent Mitty alumni, faculty members, and coaches all work as a team to lead retreats.

Sign Up for a Class Retreat:


Waiting Lists:

When you register for a retreat, you will either see a green button indicating a retreat is available or an orange button indicating the retreat is currently full. Clicking on the orange button places you on the waiting list.  You may place yourself on the waiting list for multiple retreats.

Financial Aid: 

A student should not be discouraged from signing up for a retreat based on finances.  The cost of a student's retreat is automatically adjusted in the on-line student registration based on the percentage of aid they recieve for tuition.  So for example, if a student receives 50% financal aid for tuition, they recieve 50% for retreats.  If you need to set up a payment plan rather than paying one-time on-line, please contact Kim Roberts

Withdrawing From A Retreat:

If you are withdrawing from a retreat and do not wish to sign up for a different retreat, go to the Retreat Withdrawal/Transfer Form.  If you are withdrawing from a retreat more than 30 business days prior to the event there will be no charge, 6-30 business days prior to the event there will be a 50% refund, and 1-5 business days prior to the event there will be no refund. Your form will be processed within 5 business days of its submission, and if you qualify for a refund, you will receive the refund within 30 business days.

Please note: In the event of illness or a family emergency (and you cancel within 1-5 days prior to the retreat) you may request a refund for 50% of what you have already paid for the retreat.  However, you will only be allowed to make this request once during your high school career.  

A student must be able to attend the entire retreat in order to attend a retreat.  No early pick-ups unless there is a family emergency or illness.

Transferring From One Retreat To Another:

If you have registered for a retreat and would like to transfer to another one, go to Student Registrations to see if the retreat you'd like to transfer to is still available. If the retreat is still open, withdraw from your current retreat by completing the Retreat Withdrawal/Transfer Form. If there is space available, we will transfer you to the requested retreat and let you know if any additional fees apply.  If the retreat you are transferring from is more than 30 business days away, you will lose 0% of your fee; if the retreat you are transfering from is within 6-30 business days, you will lose 50% of your fee; and If the retreat you are transfering from is within 1-5 business days, you will lose 100% of your fee.    

Class Retreats

Kairos (Seniors) 
Cost: $330
Register Here  

The Senior Kairos retreat is an experience designed to communicate the unconditional love of God that is the foundation for the human family.  Seniors carefully examine Jesus' Story of the Two Lost Sons - also referred to as The Prodigal Son - and are challenged to identify themselves with one of the numerous characters in the story.  In doing so, they ask themselves: Who has shown me unconditional love?  How can I share this love for others?  What can prevent me from loving myself, others, and God more authentically?  Members of the faculty and staff and alumni leaders present talks that center around these questions.  Students spend time in small groups and with a journey partner in order to build deeper and stronger relationships.  Through a combination of talks, kinesthetic exercises, sacramental activities, and time in nature, students are given multifaceted opportunities to slow downa and create a space to listen to God.  The retreat is a three-day, two-night experience.

Kairos 1: September 5-7

Kairos 2: September 19-21

Kairos #3: October 24-26

Kairos 4: January 30-February 1 (Full)

Kairos 5: February 20-22 (Full)

Kairos 6: March 20-22 (Full)

Quest (Juniors)
Cost: $290
Register Here   

The Junior Quest retreat challenges students to reflect on their journey at this point in their lives.  They are asked to identify their goals and passions, who supports them  with these, and what obstacles they encounter on the way.  While carefully examining the gospel encounter of Jesus and the blind beggar Bartimaeus, students are called to imagine Jesus asking them "What do you want me to do for you?"  During a very stressful academic year, juniors are called to meditate upon this quesiton and ask for the help of God and others in our community.  Finally, they are called to see how Christ calls them to transform their journey into a quest by living their vocation and sharing their gifts with the world.  These retreats leave Thursday after school and return Saturday at noon.

Quest 1: September 22-24 

Quest 2: November 3-5

Quest 3: January 23-25

Quest 4: February 23-25

Quest 5: March 30-April 1

Agape (Sophomores)
Cost: $175
Register Here   

Agape is the Greek word for unconditional love. On this retreat, students examine their relationships and are challenged to grow in their willingness to love themselves, classmates, friends, family, God, and even strangers that are often overlooked.  Sophomore year can be a difficult time of transition in relationships - seniors act as role models and call upon sophomores to think of the masks they wear and how they can remove these masks and be their authentic selves with others.   Retreatants leave on Friday after school and the retreat ends Saturday at 4:00 pm. 

Agape 1: September 23-24 

Agape 2: October 28-29 

Agape 3: January 

Agape 4: February 24-25

Agape 5: March 17-18


Awakenings (Freshmen)
Cost: $175
Register Here 

Freshmen are encouraged to attend one of five overnight Awakenings retreats to begin their Mitty journey by getting to know classmates outside of their comfort zone.  Retreatants are introduced to the concept of what a retreat is and how important it can be for developing their own spiritual life. Using Jesus' parable of the mustard seed, students are called to see that even small amounts of faith can lead to blossoming relationships with the community and God.  Retreatants leave on Friday after school and the retreat ends on Saturday at 4:00 pm.

Awakenings 1: September 23-24

Awakenings 2: October 28-29

Awakenings 3: January 27-28

Awakenings 4: February 24-25

Awakenings 5: March 17-18 (Full)