Advanced Placement Testing Requirements

All students who are enrolled in an AP course are required to take the corresponding AP Exam for that course; and nothing is required of those students in terms of ordering an exam to take; the ordering is done by the school.

Occasionally, however, a student desires to take an AP exam for a course he or she is not taking.  The school can usually accommodate that request, but that requires planning by the school, a written request by a parent, and approval of the request by the school administration. 

Therefore, for any student who wishes to take an AP exam for a course in which he or she is not enrolled:  you must contact Ms. Lauren Matusich, AP Exam Coordinator (,  to request that an exam be ordered for you.  The deadline for such requests is January 31st.  After you contact Ms. Matusich, she will be in communication with your parent(s) (since the cost of each exam is billed to your Mitty account) and with the administration to authorize the ordering of an exam

Because of the cost of the exam and the resulting missed class time to take the exam, the school does not encourage students to take AP exams for courses in which they are not enrolled.  Despite this, plausible reasons for doing so can include any of the following:  1) the AP course for that exam is not currently offered at AMHS, and the student has undertaken preparation outside of Mitty for the AP exam; 2) the student wishes to re-take an AP exam from a prior year; or 3) in rare instances, the student has taken non-AP courses and excelled to the degree that he or she is prepared for success on the AP exam.