Robotics is one of three academic clubs offered at AMHS.

Team History

In 2003 a group of students who were interested in robotics joined the AMHS Science Club, and they discovered FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization which sponsors international robotics competitions. With support from the school, this small group registered to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition at San Jose State in March, 2004. Since our first year, our coed membership has grown from 15 to over 80 members.

Who are we?

The AMHS Robotics Team is a registered FIRST Robotics team (Team #1351) and works to promote interest in STEM fields. The team operates year-round to provide opportunities for our members to explore their diverse interests in engineering, media, and business management. The team’s website is designed and maintained by team members. In competition, other teams recognize us by our nickname, TKO, an acronym for our motto, “Tenacity, Knowledge, and Opportunity,” values we utilize to grow and develop as a team. We also have an intramural team that does not compete in competitions and gives students a chance to develop their skills before advancing to the FRC team or just to experience the fun of robotics in a more relaxed environment.

Where do we compete?

AMHS Robotics usually competes three to four times during the school year. In the fall, the team competes in a few off-season events (such as Chezy Champs, CalGames, and Madtown Throwdown), which are replays of the game from the prior regular season. After the new season’s unique challenge is announced in January, the team designs and builds a robot to compete in two official FIRST regional events in California held in March/April, one of which is the Silicon Valley Regional (SVR). Although we do not travel out of state, teams from all across the country and the world come to California regional competitions to compete.


  • 2024 Dean’s List Finalist (Corina Gaska) - Silicon Valley Regional
  • 2023 Regional Finalist - San Francisco Regional
  • 2023 Autonomous Award - Silicon Valley Regional
  • 2023 Innovation in Control Award - San Francisco Regional
  • 2022 Innovation in Control Award - Monterey Bay Regional
  • 2021 Autonomous Award - Infinite Recharge at Home
  • 2021 Software Engineering Award - KLA RoboGames
  • 2020 Animation Award - KLA RoboGames
  • 2019 Imagery Award - Central Valley Regional
  • 2019 Autonomous Action Award - CalGames
  • 2018 Winner - CalGames

I'm not at Mitty yet. How can I get involved?

  Anyone can come to our competitions that are free, and cheer us on!

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