There are two main types of books at Mitty: traditional paper books and electronic books.  Paper books are available for purchase through MBS Direct.  Electronic books are available for purchase through our online ordering system.  

When choosing between paper and electronic books, our teachers examine the educational merit of the books to provide the best education for our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order books?

1. Login to the Parent Portal.

2. Click on your student's name located on the upper left side.

A new window will open up.

3. Click on the Textbook tab to the right of Transcripts.

When will the book list be available to students?

Students will have access to the book list after they have received their class schedule in mid-July.

When do I need to order books?

Students need to have books by the first day of classes.  Please order books before July 30 so that students will have received them by the first day of classes.  

What is the benefit to purchasing paper books through MBS Direct?  

We work directly with MBS Direct to make sure that it has the correct version of the book available for all students who are enrolled in the class.  MBS Direct has competitive pricing and provides excellent customer service.  

Can I return my books if I drop a class?

This depends on where the books were purchased. Each publisher/distributor has its own return policy. Note: There are usually strict rules for returns on workbooks (for example, even if the student has not written in the workbook but the plastic wrap has been removed, the workbook may not be able to be returned).

My sister/brother/friend took this same class and has the book.  Can I use it?

Students must have the assigned book (correct edition) in the assigned format (hard copy or digital). Some teachers require unmarked books because students practice close-reading in their classes, while others accept previously marked books. Our online ordering system indicates whether a teacher will accept previously used books.

I’m having trouble with one of my electronic books.  Where do I go for help?

Visit the Tech Counter in the Information Technology Office before, during, or after school. 

Can I sell back my old paper books when I’m done with them?

MBS Direct buys back used books at the end of the spring semester. It determines which books can be sold back based on the anticipated need for the books for the following school year. The best prices for used books typically occur during the two weeks before and after the last day of class. This information sheet explains the book buyback process. You can also find more information about how to sell back books here.