The book's central aim is to display Mitty's way of life through its primary sections:  Academics, Athletics, People, and Student Life.  The Journal II class consists of 15-20 talented student editors, writers, photographers, artists and designers who publish the Excalibur each May.  Any Mitty student may request to be on the Excalibur staff by completing an application process in the spring that includes an introductory training program. Once selected, sophomores, juniors and seniors register for Journal II, a yearlong University of California approved course. Journal II provides students an opportunity to develop real world skills in publishing and journalism. Some of the skills students learn in Journal II are: design, layout, desktop publishing, interviewing, article writing, editing, photography and photographic editing programs. Editors are selected on their ability to work under strict deadlines and to mentor a staff of writers with varying talents and degrees of experience. 

Every student receives a yearbook at the end of the year.