Transferring Academic Credit to AMHS

Summer School

Students receiving a “D” or “F” in an academic class are required to make up that grade in summer school.

Low Grades and Summer School

Courses that a student has taken may not be repeated during the regular school year at Archbishop Mitty. A grade of "D" or “F” must be made up the ensuing summer in summer school.  Failure to remediate a "D" or "F" grade will result in a student's dismissal from AMHS.

Summer School Acceleration

Effective January 2019, students who are not on track to take Calculus in the senior year, may take one math course over the summer to advance their math path.  This may occur in the summer before the student’s sophomore year or in the summer before the student’s junior year. Students may take either Geometry or Algebra II at Archbishop Mitty High Summer School to advance their math path.  No other options for advancement are available.  Students must submit a request for advancement using the Math Summer Advancement Form located under Quick Links on myMItty.  All requests must be made through the form by the designated due date.  Please note that in order for students to qualify for this option, they must earn a grade of A in both semesters of their current math class.

Summer School and Athletic Eligibility

When computing a student’s 4th quarter mark point average for purposes of athletic eligibility for the coming fall quarter, grades earned in summer may replace grades in the same course taken the previous quarter, e.g., a “D” in second semester sophomore geometry may be replaced with a “B” earned in a summer school course.

Summer School and Low Grades

The grades of “D” and “F” are low grades.  A “D” indicates a lack of competence in the subject area and is a very damaging grade for admission to a four-year college.  An “F” indicates a failure in the subject area and loss of credit for the course.

If a student receives a "D" or an “F” as a final grade at the end of the first or second semester during the regular academic year and the student is not dismissed from AMHS, the student is required to retake the course immediately in the ensuing summer or the student will not be allowed to return to Archbishop Mitty for the next academic year.  Archbishop Mitty will give the student credit for the summer course if the student passes the course with a “C” or higher and if the summer school forwards an official transcript to AMHS.


Enrichment Classes

Students may take courses not offered at AMHS for enrichment.  These units are not added to the AMHS transcript.  Families may provide transcripts from other institutions with enrichment course work as a part of a student's application to a college or university.  The school will not approve students to take courses offered at AMHS at another institution.  

Students may not take a course required at AMHS in summer school in lieu of taking the course during the regular year at AMHS.  All students attending AMHS must carry a full course load each semester.