General Tardiness

Students are expected rto be on time to classes.

1. Teachers will consider punctuality in class to be a certain percentage of the participation grade.

2. A student who is tardy must go immediately to the Deans' Office to obtain an admit slip for class, as teachers may not allow a tardy student to enter class without one.  Tardy students who are sent to the Deans' Office by their teacher to obtain an admit slip must return to class within three minutes of receiving the slip.

3. Excused Tardies: There are some instances when students are late to class for valid reasons. The following are considered to be valid reasons for being late to class:

  1. The student is late to class because he or she is meeting with a teacher, counselor, or administrator.  These students must always obtain an admit slip by presenting a note from that teacher, counselor, or administrator to the Deans' Office before returning to class.
  2. The student is late due to an accident on a roadway that can be verified by a traffic report.
  3. The student is late by not more than 15 minutes because he or she is returning to school from an appointment scheduled during a free period. These students must always obtain an admit slip from the Deans' Office before returning to class.

4. Unexcused Tardies: The Dean will assign a minimum of one hour of detention for each incidence of tardiness.  The later the student is, the more detention the student will receive.  Excessive tardiness may result in a student being brought before the Student Review Board for possible dismissal.  The following instances would result in the student being liable for detention:

    a.  The student left home too late.  This includes students who are members of carpools, those who are dropped off by their parents, and students who provide transportation to other family members.

    b.  The student was talking with another student, loitering or escorting another student to class.

5. Students who are tardy to class and whose parents have not contacted the Attendance Office at the time of arrival will be assigned detention.  Any tardy in excess of 15 minutes will be considered as an absence and will count toward a student’s attendance threshold. 

Excessive Tardiness

More than three (3) tardies in one class during one semester is considered excessive.  Parents will be notified from the Deans' Office when their child has three (3) tardies in a class, whether excused or unexcused.  Students who have reached five (5) tardies in a class will receive three hours of detention or Saturday detention for that tardy and for any further tardies, whether excused or unexcused. When a student is tardy for a class for the fifth time, a communication will be sent from the Deans' Office reiterating school policy in this regard.  In addition, the student risks being placed on Attendance Monitoring. The Dean reserves the right to disenroll a student for excessive tardiness.