School Facilities

Aymar Elevator

The elevator in the Aymar Events Center operates with a key. Students needing to use the elevator as a result of physical limitation or temporary injury may check out a key from the Dean's of Students. The key must be returned to the Dean's when the injury or limitation no longer prevents a student from using the stairs. If the key is lost or not returned, the student to whom it was issued will pay for the monetary cost to replace the key.

The student to whom the key is issued is the only person authorized to use the elevator. Students using the elevator without authorization will experience disciplinary action. Any inappropriate behavior while using the elevator (e.g., unnecessarily triggering the alarm) will result in the student receiving disciplinary action.

Damage to Property

Where it has been determined that a particular student is responsible for vandalism or accidental damage to school property, a financial charge will be levied against the student’s tuition account to pay for the repair/replacement of the damaged property and to pay for any extra maintenance service or security needed.

Lost and Found

The Office of the Dean's of Students is the depository for lost and found items.  Students who find valuables should turn them in to the Dean’s Office.  Students who have lost valuables should report this loss to the Dean's as soon as possible.

Locks and Lockers

Each student is assigned a locker and must keep this locker unless authorized by the Dean's of Students to change it.  It is the student’s responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of his/her locker and to report any defacing or malfunctions to the Dean’s Office. It is also the student’s responsibility to keep the exterior of the locker free of decorations, stickers, etc.

School Locks

Official school locks must be used.  These locks are American Locks stamped with AMHS on the back of the lock.  Blue locks must be used on book lockers and black locks on P.E. lockers.  All non-school locks will be cut off.

Students must adhere to basic security precautions.  Students must not share lockers, pre-set combinations, or share their locker combinations with other students.  Students should be certain their lockers are locked.  Students must not leave books or belongings unattended or leave money or other valuables in lockers, including athletic locker areas.

Search of Vehicles, Lockers, and Bags

Searches are necessary at times for maintaining order, security, health, and welfare of students and the rest of the school community. AMHS reserves the right to examine the contents of school lockers and personal student property including but not limited to backpacks, cell phones, and student vehicles when there is reasonable suspicion of a violation of law or of school policy wherein dangerous, stolen, or illegal goods may be present. As a safety precaution, all student bags and purses will be searched as they enter school dances both on and off campus. A student’s refusal to cooperate with such an examination may be considered sufficient reason to suspend the student and to refer him/her to the Student Review Board or to immediately dismiss the student from AMHS.

Parker Hall

Students may not enter Parker Hall, with the exception of the Tutorial Center and the Conference Room located in that building.  Students may use the Conference Room only when accompanied by a staff member.  Students may contact teachers with office space in Parker Hall by using the phone located in the Tutorial Center.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up Enclosure

Once students are on campus, they are not allowed to leave during the school day from 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. without the permission of the Dean’s Office, even if it is a 7:30 a.m. optional activity period or a student free period.  Students needing to leave campus prior to this must procure a Release Slip from the Dean’s Office.  This slip must be presented to a parking lot supervisor if the student is leaving in a vehicle (whether the car is parked in a lot or on the street).

Students are not allowed to go to a vehicle (parked in a lot or on the street) between 7:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to obtain belongings, including books, lunches, projects, etc.  In an emergency situation, the student may request a Release Slip from the Attendance Office. 

The Truancy Abatement Program is conducted by the County with law enforcement assistance to curtail truancy among high school students.  All students who leave campus for appointments during the day must carry their I.D. in order to avoid detention by an officer while off campus.

No student may leave campus between final exams without permission from a parent/guardian.  The assumption is that the student  will be going home during this interim period.  The parent call and note to the Dean’s Office must be received prior to the student leaving campus, at which time a Release Slip will be issued to the student.

Students may leave after their last class of the day on the following occasions: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Thursday before Easter, and when a special schedule designates that classes are held for only half of the day.