Course Load and Additional Credit

Student Course Load

All courses at Archbishop Mitty are academic courses with the exception of Physical Development courses, Student Government, Newspaper, Music Performance, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Sketch Comedy, Liturgy, and Yearbook. Students must enroll in the required number of academic courses each semester and the required total number of courses each semester. Student Government, Newspaper, Music Performance, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Sketch Comedy, Liturgy, and Yearbook may not count toward the total number of required courses in a semester.
In a given semester a student may count only one Visual Arts or Performing Arts Department course as one of the required number of academic courses.

All students must be enrolled in a mathematics course during freshman, sophomore and junior year. All students must be enrolled in a modern language course freshman and sophomore year. All students must be enrolled in a science course freshman, sophomore, and junior year.

Additional Credit

Archbishop Mitty allows students to receive credit for educational work that is not part of the schedule of classes for a particular year.  Students receive credit for being a teacher assistant (3 units) each semester they work as a teacher assistant. Students also receive credit each semester for working on the yearbook (5 units) and participating in student government (5 units).  Grades for these activities appear on a student’s report card for each semester a student participates in one of these programs, but these grades are not computed in a student’s total or state mark-point-average.

Class Participation

Each teacher specifies in the printed course expectations the course grading policy.  This policy includes the proportion of the grade, which will be influenced by class participation. Class participation may include the coming to class with materials, promptness to class, preparation for class by homework, attentiveness, attendance, as well as verbal participation.

Directed Study

Directed study credit is only given in the Visual Arts Department. A contract is required detailing the amount of work the student will be expected to complete, the units to be received, and grading procedures.  A copy of this contract must be given to the department chair and the Associate Principal.  Approval by the Associate Principal is necessary for directed study. Students may earn up to five units for a semester directed study course.

Teacher Assistants

Students may register to assist teachers and office personnel as teacher assistants.  A student may have no more than one teacher assistantship at any time.  Teachers with assistants are responsible for grading their T.A.’s. T.A.’s receive a grade of pass or fail.