Academic Standing

Academic Dismissal

Students who receive a grade of “D” or “F” as a final grade for a semester are reviewed at the end of each semester. Normally, students who do not achieve a semester Academic-Grade-Point-Average of 2.00 or higher, receive an “F” as a semester grade, or receive multiple “D’s” as semester grades are dismissed for academic reasons at the end of a semester. The administration at times will dismiss a student during a semester for academic reasons related to low grades. A student does not need to be currently on academic monitoring to be dismissed for academic reasons. A “D” or “F” appearing on OnBoard in a class should be taken most seriously as these grades indicate the student is not learning and these low grades jeopardize the student’s enrollment at Archbishop Mitty.  

Academic Monitoring

Any student who attains an Academic-Grade-Point-Average of 2.00 or lower, receives an “F,” or has multiple “D’s” at the end of a quarter or semester will be placed on academic monitoring or dismissed.  It should be noted that the Academic-Grade-Point-Average does not include Physical Development grades.  Students on monitoring are reviewed at the end of each semester.  Students who achieve a cumulative academic grade-point-average of 2.0 or lower for the academic year are dismissed for academic reasons at the end of the second semester. In particular, serious, situations students on Academic Monitoring may be moved to Academic Probation. 

Final Examinations

Final examinations are administered the last week of each semester. Students who fail to take the final examination without an excused absence will receive an “F” grade on that examination. Final examinations are only offered on the published dates for finals and may not be taken before or after those dates.