Past Performances

2022-23 Season

The Company of The Music Man


Featuring Neal Sampson ‘26 as Leaf Coneybear and Spellers

Featuring Olivia Ledger ‘23 and Oliver Yellin ‘24  (London Cast) 


2021-22 Season

Featuring Miguel Bayon Jacobson ‘22 as Squidward, Isabella Esler ‘22 as Sandy Cheeks, Jonah Horowitz ‘24 as SpongeBob, Will Yeaman ‘22 as Patrick and Ensemble


Featuring Joey Dean ‘25 as The Monster and Matt Dean ‘22 as Frederick


2019-20 Season

Featuring: Olivia Cookman ‘21 as Lisa, Isabella Esler ‘22 as Sophie and Zuri Wilson ‘21 as Ali


Featuring Luca Feliz ‘20 as Christopher  and Milo Mee ‘21 as Ed


2018-19 Season

Featuring Quinn Hasenkamp ‘19  as Charlotte,  Micheala Lewis ‘19 as Ella, Emily Kramer ‘19 as Gabrielle, and Shanaya Sales ‘19 as Madame.


Featuring Milo Mee ‘21 as Selsdon, Ali Matsumoto ‘19 as Belinda, Kieran Ruf ‘19 as Freddy, Emma Skeet ‘19 as Dotty and Conor Sherry ‘19 as Gary. 


Featuring Ande Burns ‘19 as Alice Murphy and Ensemble


2017-18 Season

Featuring Conor Sherry ‘19 as Francis Henshall and Amelia Whitney ‘18 as Rachel Crabbe.


Featuring Mariah Stanelle ‘18 as Judas and Trent Lawson ‘20 as Jesus.


Featuring Piper Lewis ‘17 as Fantine, Chris Linthacum ‘17 as Valjean, Emily Goes ‘17 as Eponine and Ensemble


Featuring Ivan Bracy ‘17 as Stacey Jaxx


Featuring Arjun Biju ‘17 as Smee, Lucas Kernan ‘17 as Black Stache and Ensemble.