Integrity is an important component of any educational experience and in all areas of life.  A component of personal integrity is academic integrity.  It is the right, privilege, and responsibility of each individual to contribute to and work in a community of trust.  A student’s integrity in his/her academic work is directly linked to his/her intellectual growth.  A high level of academic integrity is expected from all AMHS students in their classwork, homework, and examinations. To that end, it is important for students either knowingly or unknowlingly to avoid plagiarising information. 

Plagiarism is

  • Submitting a paper, examination, or other assignment as your own when it was written or created by another.

  • Word-for-word copying or portions of another’s writing without enclosing the copied passage in quotation marks
    or an indented box and acknowledging the source of the quotation (using MLA style).

  • Using a unique term or concept which one has come across in reading, without acknowledging its author or source.

  • Paraphrasing or restating someone else’s ideas without acknowledging that this other person’s text was the basis for that paraphrasing.

  • Submitting the same paper for more than one course or purpose, without the expressed consent of all the instructors involved.