Counseling Services

The goal of counseling is to support student academic, personal, and college planning success during their time at Archbishop Mitty High School.

Academic Guidance

These services include the following:

  • Availability to teachers and parents for conferencing with students regarding educational issues.
  • Assistance to families in identifying outside resources for tutoring and/or educational diagnostic testing.
  • Assistance in educational and career planning.

Assignment of Students to Counselors

Freshman students are assigned a counselor in August. Students and parents will receive a letter with their counselor name, phone number, and location of their office. The counselor will make an appointment in the fall to meet the incoming student. Should a student need assistance prior to receiving an appointment date with their counselor, the student should schedule an appointment with the Counseling Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Hansen, in the counseling center.

Making a Counseling Appointment

Students and parents can schedule an appointment with their counselor at any time. Students should schedule appointments during their off periods, unless it is an emergency.

Parent Communication

Counselors at AMHS provide extensive services to parents in academic, college guidance, and consultation regarding personal matters. Counselors respond to voicemail and e-mail messages within twenty-four hours. If an immediate response is needed, parents should contact the Counseling Administrative Assistant.

Personal Counseling

Within the comprehensive Counseling Program, AMHS provides personal counseling services to students. These services are offered when there is a need for a counselor to assist a student regarding important personal, social or developmental issues. Often personal counseling takes place at the request of the student and/or family regarding some immediate concern.  Personal counseling services include the following:

  • Student appointments made to discuss: balancing social and academic demands, difficulties with specific classes, and misunderstandings with friends.
  • Family conferencing at the parent’s request regarding an issue interfering with student success.
  • Crisis intervention around current issues that endanger the welfare of the student.
  • Support to families in response to long-term illness and other personal crises a student is experiencing.

* Confidentiality is strictly adhered to between counselor and student. There are exceptions to this rule, in accordance with California state law, which governs mandated reporters. Breach of confidentiality includes reporting of child abuse and neglect, and danger to self and others.