College Counseling

Individual sessions can be scheduled to assist students in selecting colleges, create a testing plan, choose majors, and search for scholarships.


During the freshman year, the counselor primarily focuses the student on being successful at AMHS. This “success” means doing one’s best academically, becoming involved in school activities, and discovering and developing one’s special talents. Students interested in exploring their learning style, colleges, careers and majors may go to the Student Portal and click on “MaiaLearning” under quick links.


Sophomores will have a light introduction to college counseling, beginning with the PSAT on October. The PSAT is an introduction to the college entrance exam, the SAT. The PSAT will be taken again in October of their junior year. Introduction to the test relieves the stress of seeing the test for the first time during the junior year and gives students some direction on skills they need to achieve.


Intensive college counseling begins in the junior year with the required college counseling appointment that includes college exploration, testing information, and preparation for the college application process.

The PSAT will be administered to all juniors in October. The PSAT Student Report will be available online, and they are welcome to disucss the results with their counselor. Juniors are encouraged to use the free review of the PSAT Student Report on College Board QuickStart, prior to taking their first SAT.
College Board QuickStart includes:

  • An online copy of the student report.
  • A breakdown of each section including responses by question type and difficulty.
  • Strategies to improve their scores and a link to “SAT Skills Insight”, a free test preparation center, where students can choose the level of problems they want to work on.

Juniors are encouraged to begin registration for the SAT and/or ACT in the fall of their junior year, prior to receiving their scores, in order to take the exam at their first choice test site, and to avoid potential conflicts in the spring. Most juniors will take their first SAT and/ or ACT in March or April. If required or recommended by their college, students can take the Subject Tests in May or June.

Juniors are encouraged to visit colleges during all scheduled breaks and not miss class. College admissions representatives visit our campus during the fall and a list of college visits can be found on MaiaLearning. Juniors and their parents will be invited to attend the College Admissions Case Studies and College Fair in April.

All juniors participate in college admissions lessons taught by the Counselors during the regular school day in religion class. Class time is given to complete items on MaiaLearning.


In the senior year, individual sessions will be scheduled by the counselor to assist seniors in selecting colleges, reviewing the essay, choosing majors, answering questions related to the applications, filing for financial aid, applying for a variety of scholarships, and help with finalizing their college decision.

All seniors participate in college application lessons taught by the Counselors during the regular school day in religion class. Class time is given to begin the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and private college application(s).