The Academic Resources Coordinator (ARC) monitors students who have been identified as needing enhanced academic support.

Students who qualify for special accommodations under this program are identified through verified professional testing as having a learning disability or other learning differences (for example, visual or auditory needs) sufficient to be designated for special academic support.

The Academic Resources Coordinator works with the counselor, teachers, and outside professionals to coordinate accommodations that may be needed and that can be reasonably accommodated at AMHS. Standard accommodations include:

  1. Permission to tape record or use a peer note-taker in lecture classes
  2. Use of iPad for writing asessments
  3. Use of textbooks on tape and audio books
  4. Extended time on in-class writing assignments (50% extended time)
  5. Extended time on tests and finals (50% extended time)
  6. Preferential seating
  7. Access to calculator for basic calculations 

If testing accommodations support “Books on Tape” or CD, it is the responsibility of the parent to coordinate. A list of textbook ISBN numbers can be requested through the Business Office at 342-4380.

Extended time on finals is limited to 50% of original time allotted. Students will meet with their individual counselor prior to final week to discuss this accommodation. 

Testing for learning disabilities is not conducted at AMHS. If testing has not been suggested at the previous educational institution, an appointment may be in order, with the counselor, to discuss learning disabilities testing, skills testing, and/or outside tutors. The ARC counselor can provide a referral list for assessments, and testing is also available at Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD). Please note the following:

  1. FUHSD does not test for ADHD/ADD; this is a medical diagnosis.  The school district will test to see if student has issues that involve processing, memory, attention, organization, etc., that impedes their learning/achievement (and which is also frequently seen in students who have ADHD/ADD) but they will not diagnose ADD.
  2. FUHSD does not conduct assessments over the summer and can only accept appointments with advance notice.

In the spring of freshman year, the Academic Resources Coordinator begins the paperwork needed to receive extended time on the College Board practice college entrance test (PSAT), the college entrance test(s) SAT and ACT, and the Advanced Placement exam (which is not used for admissions purposes, but is a College Board exam). Paperwork is given to the student to take home and is to be returned to the Academic Resources Coordinator prior to final exams.

The College Board reserves the right to deny accommodations to any student regardless of AMHS accommodations or suggestions.

Please contact the ARC Coordinator if you have any questions.