Name, Image, and Likeness Information

Participation in NIL activities is a personal decision and is independent of Archbishop Mitty High School. For those student-athletes who sign with a company or agency, it is important to note that different states have different regulations pertaining to NIL and high school eligibility. It is the responsibility of student-athletes and their parents to ensure that a student-athlete's CIF high school eligibility is never compromised by involvement in NIL activities. 

An “NIL Activity” is defined as any activity in which a student-athlete’s name, image, and likeness is used for promotional purposes by an outside entity which may include compensation; activities may include, but are not limited to:

    • promoting or endorsing a product or company
    • making appearances
    • signing autographs

Failure to follow the CIF prohibitions pertaining to NIL regulations may result in the loss of amateur status, thus making a student-athlete ineligible for high school athletics. These prohibitions include:

1) The student-athlete may not participate in any NIL promotional activities while wearing Archbishop Mitty High School uniforms, logos, etc.

2) No NIL promotional activities involving the student-athlete may be produced on the Archbishop Mitty campus.

3) The student-athlete may not, as a part of an NIL promotional effort, make reference to their participation with Archbishop Mitty athletics--i.e., they may not in any manner represent the school or its teams.

4) The student-athlete may not be recruited to participate in NIL activities by an outside agency affiliated with the school nor participate in NIL activities by an outside agency with an affiliation to the school.