Existing Endowments


As you make your own charitable giving decisions, please consider making a gift to one of Archbishop Mitty's existing endowments.

Program Endowments


  • Archbishop Mitty Athletics Program Endowment
  • Joe Francis Memorial Athletic Endowment
  • Joanne Gallucci Memorial Athletic Endowment
  • Don Miller Swim Program Endowment
  • Dr. Fred Vernacchia ’72 Men’s Soccer Program Endowment
  • Archbishop Mitty Soccer Program Endowment
  • Archbishop Mitty Wrestling Program Endowment

Campus Ministry

  • Archbishop Mitty Campus Ministry Program Endowment
  • Gary Braia Kairos Program Endowment
  • Service Immersion Program Endowment
  • Spiritual Life Endowment (Linda and Ken Raasch Family)

Performing Arts

  • Archbishop Mitty Performing Arts Program Endowment
  • Golobic Family Performing Arts Endowment
  • Ignatius Family Endowment for the Performing Arts


  • Golobic Family Science Program Endowment
  • Naporano STEM Development Endowment

Student Activities

  • Archbishop Mitty Student Activities Program Endowment

Scholarship Endowments

  • Niccole and Robert Allard Family Scholarship
  • Archbishop Mitty Alumni Scholarship
  • Archbishop Mitty Faculty and Staff Scholarship
  • Archbishop Mitty High School Scholarship
  • Archbishop Mitty Parent Association Scholarship
  • Darrin and Gloryvee Alves Scholarship Fund
  • Tim Brosnan Leadership Scholarship
  • Bumb Family Scholarship
  • Dorothy and Dan Caputo Family Scholarship
  • Cavaney Family Scholarship
  • David and G. Lowe Chang Scholarship
  • Chellam Education Fund
  • Cleary Family Scholarship
  • Cristina Family Scholarship
  • D'Ambrosio Family Endowment
  • Fr. Rod DeMartini Scholarship
  • Melinda and John DiNapoli Scholarship
  • Kathy and Tom Dunlap Family Scholarship
  • Edvalson Family Endowment
  • Esperanza Scholarship
  • Teresa and Jack Estill Family Scholarship
  • Ruth and Michael Fletcher Family Endowment
  • Mary Ellen and Mike Fox Family Scholarship
  • Gilmore/McDonnell Endowment
  • Grennan Family Scholarship
  • Guerra Family Scholarship
  • Warren and Rosalie Gummow Family Trust
  • Guttman Famliy Endowment
  • Robert and Christine Jahncke Family Scholarship
  • The Stephen M. Jahncke '10 and Kellie M. Jahncke '12 Academic Scholarship
  • The Brothers Johnson Scholarship
  • Nancy and George Jones Family Scholarship
  • Debi and Rick Justice Family Scholarship
  • JWS Scholarship
  • Jue Family Endowment
  • Deborah Cutini Kaufman and Edward Kaufman Family Scholarship
  • April and David Kawahara Family Scholarship
  • Lisowski Family Endowment
  • Marks Family Endowment
  • Marrion Family Scholarship
  • Barbara McTighe Scholarship
  • MerJer MD Endowment
  • Mewes Family Scholarship
  • Mills Family Scholarship
  • Moitozo-Tower Family Scholarship
  • Monk Family Scholarship
  • Mullaney Family Endowment
  • Oosterhouse Family Scholarship
  • Parker Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Maria and Andy Pecota Family Scholarship
  • Queiroz Family Endowment
  • Ramar Family Scholarship
  • Leslie ('90) and Rob Reilly Family Scholarship
  • Richard and Genevieve Rolla Scholarship
  • Marion Rusu Scholarship
  • Sage Fund Scholarship
  • Dawn and Tom Schaeffer Family Scholarship
  • Kathy and David Schmidt Family Scholarship
  • Jennifer and Steve Smith Family Scholarship
  • Elisa and Allan Steel Family Endowment
  • Stacey and Jim Steele Family Scholarship
  • Tirado Strayer Scholarship
  • (Anna and Don) Waite Family Scholarship
  • (Ginny and Pat) Waite Family Scholarship
  • Vann-Mewes Scholarship Fund
  • Woodward Family Scholarship
  • Zutshi Family Endowment

Memorial Scholarships

  • Loukas Angelo Memorial Scholarship
  • Fedele Citti Family Scholarship
  • Nancy Dorsey Memorial Book Scholarship
  • Eva and George Figone Memorial Scholarship
  • Dan Fitzgerald Memorial Scholarship
  • Cassandra Floyd ’84 Memorial Scholarship
  • Danny Fortune ’00 Memorial Scholarship
  • Matt Garcia '04 Memorial Scholarship
  • Stacia Hunter ‘90 Memorial Scholarship
  • June and Walt Haniger Memorial Scholarship
  • Larry Kaaha Memorial Scholarship
  • Stephen J. Keller Memorial Scholarship
  • Derek Korbel Memorial Scholarship
  • Catherine Malone ’76 Memorial Scholarship
  • Chris Meadows '03 Memorial Scholarship
  • Fr. Jim Mifsud, S.M. Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen Praeger Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian Raschke Memorial Scholarship
  • Katie Hatch Reich Memorial Scholarship
  • Fr. Jack Russi, S.M. Memorial Scholarship
  • Jo and Murphy Sabatino Memorial Scholarship
  • Martha and Philip Sanfilippo Memorial Scholarship
  • Stephen Williamson ‘85 Memorial Scholarship

…or consider starting your own endowment.  For more information on endowed giving at Archbishop Mitty High School, please contact Mr. Mason Kimont, the Executive Director for Advancement at (408) 342-4260.