High School Placement Test

Entrance Examinations – Class of 2027

The entrance exam for the schools listed below must be taken by all eighth grade applicants on one of the designated Saturdays. Applicants applying to more than one Catholic high school in the Diocese of San Jose may take the exam only once.

Students should take the examination at the school they are most interested in attending. Scores will be sent to other high schools listed below as requested by the applicant on the day of the entrance examination.

Current 8th graders will register for the High School Placement Test as part of their online application. No separate registration is required. All students who have applied to Archbishop Mitty High School by December 16, 2022 will be tested on the date they have selected. Testing fees are included in the $75 application fee.

Students who HAVE NOT applied to Archbishop Mitty High School by December 16, 2022 will be assessed a $50 fee for testing with us and must contact admissions@mitty.com prior to the date of test in order to see if we have any spots available.

The High School Placement Exam will be administered at every site. Testing times vary, so please check with individual schools regarding their testing times. Archbishop Mitty High School will test at 9:00 a.m. on January 21st and 28th. The exam lasts approximately three hours. 

Students who require extended time should contact admissions@mitty.com for more information.

Archbishop Mitty (Boys and Girls)            Jan. 21   Jan. 28
Bellarmine (Boys) Jan. 21   Jan. 28
Notre Dame (Girls)  Please check with site   Please check with site
Presentation (Girls) Jan. 21   Jan. 28
St. Francis (Boys and Girls)            Jan. 21   Jan. 28