Mitty Family Registration Information


Deadline to request Mathematics Summer Advancement (Student Portal) is February 22

Summer Program General Registration opens March 1

Registration deadline for approved Summer Remediation and Mathematics Advancement is April 5

Mitty Monarch Program Registration opens April 12


When registering your student for our Summer Program, you will need to either edit an existing registration account OR create a registration account if registering for the first time.
The process of creating a registration account takes less than 10 seconds and requires only an email address and password.  For the best user experience, we do not recommend the use of a smartphone.  

Returning Families:

Each summer student profile data needs to be updated for the current year in order to assure the appropriate programs will load for your selection.  To do so select: ‘Edit Student Info’ within the side bar and click ‘Save’ after making all appropriate updates to each student’s profile.

First Time Users:

Once your Summer Program Registration Account has been created, families registering for the first time should Add a Student by entering the student’s Name and Mitty ID number (issued and communicated to incoming class sometime between 3/31 and 4/12) as a first step.  If you do not enter a student ID#, you can complete registrations however, entering a student ID# will permit Mitty Monarch classes, any approved academic classes (see important Academic Program Policy below), and any pre-approved financial aid from the business office to become available during the registration process.  After completing your registration if you had chosen to make the registration without using a Mitty ID# (possibly because you had not yet received your ID#), please log back into your account and update the Edit Student Info page (found in the menu bar) with the student ID# when possible.  Saving the Edit Student Info page will update your summer account by pulling both student and parent data from the Mitty school database.

Registration receipts will be emailed to the parent-one email address in your registration account.


The Summer Program will hold spots for all Mitty students approved to register until their designated deadline as outlined above.  Once a student has been approved for a class by the Administration or Department Chair, the class is reserved for purchase in the summer registration system and can be found in the student’s  ‘shopping cart’ when a summer registration account has been created.  Seats will be held until the April 5, 2021 deadline.  AMHS Families have up until that registration deadline to purchase the reserved class.  After that date, the class can no longer be guaranteed for purchase.

Students who are pre-approved academic Book Scholars can pick-up required textbooks on the first day of class from the Summer Program office.  All other students should reference the summer textbook list for textbook purchase information.  If remediating a course, it is necessary to reference the textbook list to confirm whether or not a textbook purchase is required.

If an approved AMHS student determines he or she will not be registering or not be able to adhere to our Summer Program Attendance Policy, he or she must contact the Summer Program ( in writing via email (Cc their counselor) prior April 5, 2021 in order to declare their non intent. 

For any questions regarding Academic Program registration and textbook information, please contact or visit the Summer Program webpage.


In accordance with Archbishop Mitty High School Summer School policy AMHS students, including incoming freshmen, may not register to take a class through our Academic Program in the summer in lieu of the regular school year unless pre-approved by the Department Chair(s) and/or school Administration.  

Summer Program general policies can be found here.


Our Summer Program offers enrichment classes in Community Service, English, Life Skills, Science, and Sports Medicine exclusively for current and incoming AMHS students throughout the summer. These classes are only available to AMHS students with a valid Mitty student ID# entered on the Edit Student Info page of their summer registration account.  Once registration opens, classes would be filled on a first come, first served basis.  If a class choice is not available in our registration system, then it has reached capacity.  No wait list is available.  A Mitty Monarch class may be dropped and a refund issued up until the Monday of the week prior to the first day (one full week in advance).