Hybrid Learning Mode

2021 Summer Hybrid Learning Mode Information

(Last Updated 2/24/21)


How will the hybrid learning mode work?

We intend to offer all academic instruction using a hybrid learning mode in which our AMHS faculty instruct a limited number of students in-person with the remaining students learning remotely. At registration, all students will automatically be enrolled in our on-line mode for the course. Closer to the start of school, registered families will be contacted to determine if a student prefers to learn in-person.  By waiting we hope to have greater certainty for how many students we can accommodate in classrooms to meet the Santa Clara County guidelines.

How is tuition assessed for the hybrid learning mode?

The tuition  for each learning mode will be the same since all students (on-campus and on-line) will receive the same instruction presented via Zoom by the same AMHS faculty member.  In the event a family requests an in-person spot and does not receive one, they may seek a refund of the full tuition at that time; academic cancellation policies apply.How many students will be in each classroom?

What are the technology requirements for on-line instruction?

Our learning management system will be Canvas. Mac with an operating system of Mac OS X or later, or PC with an operating system of Windows 2000 XP, Vista or higher will be required. Students will also need high speed internet access, a webcam, microphone, and speakers/headphones. We recommend the students use the latest version of a web browser, preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Additionally we recommended Plug-ins: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, and Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Please note: Javascript and cookies must be enabled.

What steps should we take if we are unsuccessful with accessing the technology required for a class?

In the event you encounter an issue when accessing Canvas and/or Zoom, you must email the teacher immediately and complete an IT Help Desk Request (which is located in the Summer Program Information block on our summer homepage). 

Are the Zoom Class video sessions recorded and can I view those at a later time in lieu of attending the class live?

All meetings are recorded inclusive of a video, audio, screen shares, and chat sessions. Additionally, all transcripts of chats done outside a meeting are saved by the teacher. The direct instruction each day is not solely lecture, and thus a recording to view later is not adequate make-up for missed tests, projects, etc. 

Will a student be eligible for UC/CSU and NCAA credit for our online course?

Yes. The academic courses in our Summer Program are accredited by the UC/CSU system and NCAA. These agencies have issued waivers this summer for coursework that transitions online due to public health precautions related to COVID-19. All students who participate in our distance learning model will be eligible to receive UC/CSU and NCAA credit for our online course.

Will there be a final exam?

In order for students to be eligible for transcript credit, they must take final exams.  Final exams will be proctored through our LMS or in-person in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Will a student receive letter grades for our online course?

Yes. Students will be issued letter grades in line with our accreditation. Transcript credit remains available for all our Academic Program courses taught online. However, students should confirm with their current school that transcript credit for Archbishop Mitty online instruction meets their school requirements before registering.

How many students will be in each classroom?

Of paramount concern has been, and will continue to be, the safety and health of students, their families and the school faculty and staff. With the County mandate to provide six-feet of social distance between each student (and teacher) in the classroom, we have to limit the number of students in each classroom in order to provide for the required social distancing.  This mandate, as well as the size of our classrooms, limits the number of students in each classroom to approximately 12 students per room. 

How will my student enter campus each day?

Each morning, students registered for on-campus instruction will enter campus through dedicated access points.  The access points to campus will open to students no earlier than 7:15 AM.  

What are access requirements for students to enter campus each day?

Every day, prior to coming to campus, students learning on campus and employees are required to complete a personal screening process at their homes. For students, this process involves opening a daily email link which gives students access to our on-line tracking system.  Students are required to respond to a set of screening questions, the answers to which indicate whether the student is cleared to come to campus that day. The student will be electronically issued a QR code on their iPad and/or smartphone; and they must show that QR code at campus access points to gain entry to the campus.  The campus attendance system offers a permanent record of attendance on campus and daily confirmation students have been authorized to be on campus prior to attending class sessions.

In the event a student will not attend class (either in-person or virtually via Zoom), he/she should notify the Summer Program using our ‘Reporting An Absence Form’ (located on our Summer Program landing page). 

What are the on-campus face coverings requirements?

•   Everyone must wear a face covering while on campus except as follows:
•   While eating or drinking
•   When working alone in a classroom or office

CDC guidelines provide general considerations for wearing and maintaining a face covering, including the following:

•   The mouth and nose are fully covered.
•   The covering fits snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps.
•   The wearer does not have any difficulty breathing while wearing the covering.
•   The face covering can be tied or otherwise secured to prevent slipping.
•   It is recommended that anyone coming on campus bring with them two face coverings, in case one mask becomes lost or unusable. 
•   Replacement masks are available at the Summer Program office.

What are the on-campus social distancing requirements?

All individuals on campus are to maintain a safe physical distance of six feet from one another at all times. Signage at entrances to the campus, at restrooms, and throughout the campus will reinforce physical distancing.  Campus supervisors, faculty, and staff will remind all to maintain social distancing at all times. Classrooms and common areas throughout the campus have had furniture removed and marked as “for use” with stickers to indicate where persons may sit and remain six feet from others. During breaks, students are required to follow directional indicators for movement through the halls and to adhere to distancing-reminder stickers throughout the campus.  Occupancy limits are posted on restrooms used by more than one person at a time; and within such restrooms, various of the facilities have been marked as not for use to ensure safe distancing.

The school has increased its staff to include campus supervisors throughout the school day.  Their primary task will be to support students throughout the campus, ensuring that students are maintaining social distancing and continuing to wear face coverings. Campus supervisors also staff access points to campus in order to confirm that students coming on campus have completed the required at-home screening process.

What is our on-campus ‘close contact’ protocol?

The CDC currently defines “close contact” as “Someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period starting from 2 days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to test specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.” 

Persons coming in close contact with a person who tests positive for COVID-19 and who have been on campus within 48 hours of that contact are to notify the school immediately.

If a person is identified as potentially a close contact as a result of interaction on campus:  The school will notify persons identified as potential close contacts via email and a phone call that they are likely a close contact and that…

... they are to immediately begin a 14-day self-quarantine at home; 
... they should plan to be tested for the virus on day 7 since the time of their contact with the person who has tested positive; 
... if they are having any symptoms, they should contact your health service provider immediately.

The school will also undertake the following measures:    

•   the locations where the student was on campus will be evacuated and thoroughly disinfected by the maintenance staff;
•   the student displaying symptoms will be asked to identify any potential close contacts;
•   those potential close contacts, if any, are then contacted by email and by phone by the school;
•   if those potential close contacts are on campus, they will be contacted by the administration to leave campus as soon as possible to begin their 14-day quarantine protocol;
•   the rest of the campus--students, their families, and staff, are sent an email notifying them of a potential case on campus and that they are not a close contact.   

What are the on-campus maintenance/cleaning protocols?

All classrooms and offices are equipped with hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes for use by anyone making use of the facility. School personnel use CDC-approved, medical-grade disinfectants and have implemented updated cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation practices throughout the campus. The school tracks campus use by employees throughout the day and administers frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch areas and items such as door handles, railings, countertops, desktops, copy machines, and restrooms. The school has contracted with an off-campus agency to periodically provide deep-cleaning measures throughout the campus.

What are the on-campus food service provisions?

The on-campus caterer will provide for the sale of pre-packaged food and beverages during school hours on a schedule to be established once Summer Program begins.