Student Life


In Student Activities, our goal is to enrich the experience of being a Monarch with a full slate of student-centered programs and events.

Come to the athletic games wearing black and gold and sit in the Pit and cheer your fellow Monarchs onto victory!

Maybe sports aren’t your thing, but you can join one of the over 50 clubs we have on campus that allow students to engage and share common interests. If you’re a natural leader, try Student Government and be the voice of your class. The point is that there is an activity at Mitty for everyone.


Spirit Week

A week of non-stop activities as the classes compete for Spirit points.


Enjoy great music, fun themes, and hanging out with friends?  An AMHS dance is the place to be!

Monarch Madness

An incredible evening of class spirit descends upon downtown San Jose.


Want to meet new people who share common interests?  Check out AMHS clubs.

Mitty Minutes

Activities and events are advertised to AMHS students through commerials we call Mitty Minutes.

Genesis Outreach Program

Working to provide young men & women of color with academic and social support to attain success within the AMHS community.


Speech and Debate

Develop, refine, and test your public speaking skills as an orator, actor, and/or debater in class. Represent AMHS as a member of its competitive Speech and Debate team.

Student Government

Some people are born leaders, others become leaders over time.  Represent your class and school as part of AMHS Student Government.

School Portraits

Order school portraits and keepsakes. 


Director of Student Activities
Mr. Greg Walker 

Assistant to Student Activities
Ms. Teresa McCabe

Assistant Director of Student Activities
Mrs. Stacie Allen