Peer Tutoring

Mitty Library, in coordination with Counseling, houses the Peer Tutoring program. See the information below if you are interested in tutoring or being tutored. 

Need Help? Get a Tutor?

Come to the library. We're here to help you get connected with a peer tutor that's eager to help you! Just like we have high expectations for tutors, we have high expectations for your communication as well. Once you're paired, we expect you to be considerate of your tutor's time. You risk not being paired again for the semester by canceling or failing to reply to emails. If you are interested in signing up for a peer tutor, please see Mr. Hefferan-Zelaya or Ms. Lewis-Lockhart at the library circulation desk to be matched. 
At this time we cannot provide tutors for Honors or AP classes. Please reach out to your counselor for further assistance. 

Want to be a tutor?

Thank you for taking an interest in helping your fellow Monarchs excel in their studies. The Peer Tutoring Program is a great opportunity to acquire, fine-tune, and develop your interpersonal, communication, and listening skills that are transferable for future work and internship endeavors. Most of the peers that seek help from this resource are great students that simply need guidance on specifics of the subject matter and tips on proper organization. We find that there is no better person to learn this from than their own peers. 
Expectations for Tutors
This will be a semester-long commitment with the possibility of 2-3 hours of work with your peer that can fall during one of your off periods, before school, or after school--depending on your availability. Peer tutoring counts toward service hours. You should also consider tutoring as a professional experience you can use to build your resume. Mr. Heffernan-Zelaya and Ms. Lewis-Lockhart are happy to write letters of recommendation for our tutors. 
Here's a link to the Peer Tutor Interest Form. Please list availability for the semester and the subject matter you feel comfortable working on. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at