College Athletic Scholarship Signing Days

College Athletic Scholarship Day at Archbishop Mitty High School is designed to recognize the student-athlete who, on College Athletic Scholarship Signing Days, signs a document that constitutes a contract, a commitment on his or her part to play for a specified college or university.

The Archbishop Mitty administration has chosen to define the day to include the following students:

(1) any student signing a National Letter of Intent to a NCAA Division I or Division II school;
(2) any student signing what is termed a “Likely Letter” to a Division I school that does not, by policy, issue athletic scholarships. Most prominent of such Division I schools that use the Likely Letter are member schools of the Ivy League;
(3) any student signing a commissioning letter issued by one of the United States military academies and who will be playing a sport at the academy;
(4) any student signing a commitment to accept an athletic scholarship at an NAIA school.

These events do not include students who may be intent on playing sports in college who do not fall into one of the four designations articulated above.  These include students, for example, who choose to go to a Division I school without being offered and/or without accepting an athletic scholarship (i.e., a “walk-on”); students who intend to play at Division II schools who do not offer athletic scholarships (and therefore do not issue a National Letter of Intent); and students who intend to play at NCAA Division III schools, which do not as a matter of policy offer athletic scholarships; and students planning to play sports at a school other than an NCAA or NAIA institution.  

This is done for these reasons:

(1) signing of an NLI or a Likely Letter is generally recognized as an affirmation of the superior performance of an elite-level high school athlete;
(2) while high school athletes who plan to compete at the Division II non-scholarship or Division III level may well be perceived as “elite,” the school refrains from making such judgments, leaving that determination to outside agencies (e.g., as in this case, an NCAA Division I or II college or university or an NAIA institution);

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