FAQ Class of 2019

Registration for classes for the subsequent year is undertaken during February and March.  Here are some frequently-asked questions related to course schedules:

1. What courses should I take to be successful?

AMHS guarantees all students will be scheduled for all the courses necessary to be accepted to a four-year university.

2. When should I add electives to my schedule?

All AMHS students must carry at a minimum of six (6) courses each semester. It is mandatory that a student add electives if the assigned program does not fulfill this requirement. If one needs to add electives in Art and/or Physical Development to make this number, it is necessary to to rank all courses in the area so that the registrar has the opportunity to provide a preferred alternative if your first choice is not available.

3. When should I take my second required Art and Physical Development classes?

These should be taken any time after freshman year. Most seniors take courses in these areas.

4. If I am interested, how may Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses should I take? I don’t want to be too stressed.

Honors and Advanced Placement courses qualify the individual for acceptance to more selective universities, e.g. UCLA. If you are interested in a more selective university, you should take the advanced courses you qualify for in each academic department. If you are experiencing difficulty with an advanced course or your course load, you should quickly make any appointment with your counselor.

5. Is it possible to be moved out of a scheduled Honors or Advanced Placement course if my grades are not as strong at the end of this semester?

Yes. Placement requires a qualifying grade for both semesters.

6. If I was not assigned a course for next year, such as Spanish, because my first semester grade did not qualify me, can I add it later if my grades improve the second semester?

That depends on the course. Talk to your teacher about this concern. It may be possible to add the requested course to your schedule if you have made significant improvement in your grade by the end of the school year. You will need permission of the department chair to add the course.

7. How do my parents approve of the courses I’ve chosen?

Your parents will be able to view your list of courses in April. If they have concerns about course placement, they may contact the appropriate department chair. The email addresses are on this website. Student requests for Add/Drops as preferences are handled during the Add/Drop period.

8. Can I change my schedule after I am able to view it? How do I do that?

The Add/Drop period is July 31st through August 9th. Schedule changes for demonstrated academic need are possible, but options are limited.  Email the Registrar’s Office to make your request.

9. Can I discuss my proposed courses with anyone to make sure it is the best for me given my future college goals and personal interests?

Sophomores will discuss issues with their counselor during US History classes on March 20th and March 21st.