Student Life



Mitty offers many extracurricular activities for its students. There are over 50 active clubs on campus throughout the year. These clubs usually meet before, after, or during school. Students may organize additional clubs by recruiting a moderator, enlisting a roster of members, and receiving approval from the Director of Student Activities.

These clubs are meant to serve as a way for students with common interests to gather, share expereiences, and build community. Our club structure does not require or provide a means for students to miss academic school time for events. 


Is the African American experience important to you?  If so, then the AASU at Archbishop Mitty has a place for you. The purpose of the AASU is to help students identify, explore, embrace, and understand issues surrounding the African American community at large and on the Archbishop Mitty campus.  Regardless of ethnic background, your ideas, passion, energy, and involvement is welcomed by the African American Student Union.

Moderator: Mr. Greg Walker


Konnichiwa! Welcome to the AMHS Anime Club, where we’ll never grow out of watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon. Whether you want to watch Japanese animation, draw manga, play in a Super Smash Brothers tournament, hang out with friends, or just eat our food (and it’s delicious, we promise), Anime Club has a place for you. In the past, we have gone to anime films at theaters, visited the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, and gone to anime conventions. All students with an interest in anime or Japanese culture are welcome to join this club.

Moderator: Mr. Kevin Brazelton


High school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time. The Acts of Random Kindness Club strives to make highschool more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and projects, because it's the little things in life that make a difference.

Moderator: Mrs.Melissa Boulton


The mission of APISU (Asian Pacific Student Union) is to offer a club in which students can come together and celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Culture. It is a place to socialize and meet people with common backgrounds and interests. In the club, we watch movies having to do with Asian Culture, we eat foods from various ethnicities, and we discuss Asian Related issues in an informal manner. In the past, we have attended socials with other Asian clubs at other schools. The end of the year culminates in an Asia Day in which the student body can partake of Asian Food, and, there have been times where the club has performed native Asian dances.

Moderator: Ms. Alice Kwan


The AMHS Baking Club strives to unite members of the Archbishop Mitty community who share an interest in baking and serving others. We aim to help members hone their baking skills and foster friendships by baking and sharing our creations, recipes, and techniques at monthly meetings. We look to enrich members' baking knowledge and skills by attending workshops, both on and off campus. In addition to fostering a love for this culinary art, the AMHS Baking Club is committed to baking on a regular basis for a local homeless shelter. We promote justice and service to the greater community through our love of baking.

Moderator: Mrs. Janelle Kroenung


The purpose of the Biology Olympiad Club is to allow students to continue studying biology beyond what the normal school classes can provide.  Through the activities of the club and through one’s own individualized study it is the hope that this will prepare students for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) exam that is administered in February of each year (while taking the USABO is encouraged it is not a requirement to be a member of the Biology Olympiad Club). The club will work to develop the  the resources and skills required to take students beyond their classroom biology experience to the level of national or even international competition. The guest lectures, presentations, and interactive games will enrich life science education, making biology both enjoyable and interesting. Through these activities, the club will develop critical thinking skills and help prepare leaders in the field of science, biology, and medicine.

Moderator: Mr. Tom Motroni


The purpose of the Chess Club is to convene after school in a light environment, where students can enjoy participating in chess games and learn about the game of chess with other students. Here are some of our exciting activities: Outings to Santana Row for chess games in the chess garden and dinner afterwards, possible matches against other schools (e.g. Bellarmine, St. Francis, etc.), host chess workshop for students visiting from Sacred Heart Nativity, and Our Lady of Grace diocesan elementary schools.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Sampson


To bring together students who have a passion for writing or a desire to develop their creative writing skills. Club members will have a safe environment to hone their writing skills. As well as, share their writing and receive constructive feedback in order to improve their abilities. All club members will submit one piece of creative writing to a national writing competition or scholarship.

Moderator: Mrs. Kendra Oleson


The Archbishop Mitty Programming Team will accomplish the following:

  • Promote computer science education from beginner through expert, through the use of student- led discussion of problems, algorithms, and solutions.

  • Promote computer science education by extending motivation and instruction to local middle schools, particularly Sacred Heart Nativity.

  • Compete with local high schools and students in regional competitions, such as Stanford PROCO, as well as encourage members to compete in online competitions, such as USACO.

The team offers new members and beginning programmers the opportunity to both develop and solve problems at an appropriate level, while asking that experienced members contribute education as well as more advanced problems for the development of not only the team, but a culture of problem- solving.

Moderator: Mr. Michael Greene


Our world is blessed with a variety of beautiful and rich cultures—discoverable through food, language, and customs. Culinary Club will travel through the world of food, visiting Italy, India, Mexico, China, France, and more! Members will explore the origins, history, and culture associated with food through preparing traditional dishes. Culinary Club will place an emphasis on cooking, teaching different techniques and methods. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that the best part of making food is eating! Buon Appetito, कृपया भोजन का आनंद लीजिये, Buen Provecho, 请享用, Bon Appétit!"

Moderator: Ms. Jennifer Lesnick 


The mission of Dynamics is to serve the greater community with a combination of compassion and love for music. As a club, we mainly conduct our service in senior resident homes—through this our club members can fulfill their community service requirements. Our primary focus is to be able to have fun with creating and exploring music while giving back to others.

Moderator: Mr. Mark Bernard


FBLA, is the largest student business organization in the country with over 250,000 members! It is designed to make the business world more relatable to high school students. FBLA has been successful over the years, and looks to continue planning many new events and gathering ideas to explore. FBLA hosts and participates in locan events and enhances our skills for the future business world.

Moderator: Mr. John Mosunic


GenerationOn is a service club dedicated to helping the community. Through student-led projects, the club will bring music, art, and much more to various people, especially children, in our community. Service hours will be provided, as well as a fun and nurturing community for members and kids alike. Everyone is welcome; all you need is an open heart!

Moderator: Mrs. Carolyn Doyle


Glamour Gals is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to organize and inspire teen volunteers to provide companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to elderly women living in senior homes. We visit senior homes and convalescent hospitals, give the ladies makeovers so that they can feel beautiful and youthful again, and volunteers provide conversation and good company to many seniors who spend their days alone, without family members to visit with and talk to. Members will meet on a bi-weekly basis, and visit a senior home at least one night a month. There will be opportunities to run for officer positions towards the end of this school year. 

Moderator: Mrs. Jennifer Jackson


Our mission is to promote a more environmentally conscious atmosphere at Archbishop Mitty. We strive to create awareness and inspire students to start a life of green living. The club will create awareness by celebrating Earth Day, promote organic eating and biking to school, and encouraging the use of water bottles to reduce bottle waste.

Moderator: Mrs. Catalina Tirado


Moderator: Mr. Steve Scott


Ice Hockey at AMHS is a club team sport, affiliated with the Student Activities Department (not the Athletic Department). The team participates in the Nor Cal High School Hockey League during the Winter and Spring seasons.

Moderator: Mr. Brendan Lavelle


INTERACT is an international organization of service and social clubs for young people of secondary school age that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace. Interact clubs complete at least one community service project and at least one project that promotes international understanding and goodwill.

Moderator: Mrs. Teresa McCabe


The International Food Club bridges students to different cultures through a universal favorite: food! We explore various countries through their cuisine, music, art, and movies. We will share recipes and food at school, find authentic restaurants, go to food/culture festivals, and broaden our worldview. Let's journey the world together with great food!

 Moderator: Mrs. Antoinette Vu


Archbishop Mitty High School contains a diverse population of students. Many wish to express their individuality and learn about their culture through Mitty’s ethnic clubs. In the Italian club, we have the opportunity to delve into the rich Italian culture, both past and present. Club members will be participating in such activities as Italian Festival Day, Cannoli Workshop, Italian Dinner Night, Bocce Ball, Italian Movie Night, volunteering at Unico Crab Feed, music, and more.

Moderator: Mrs. Christina McDougall


LASU, The Latin American Student Union provides a network of support:  socially, spiritually, and academically, to Latino students at Archbishop Mitty High School.  We strive to educate and celebrate Latino culture and history amongst ourselves and with the larger Mitty community.  We welcome all Mitty students, regardless of ethnic background, to join us.

Moderator: Ms.Patsy Mireles


Recognizing that at Archbishop Mitty we are often sheltered from the effects of disabilities in our larger community, but understanding that disabilities affect many families and individuals both in our community and on a larger scale, we the Leadership, Education, and Awareness for the Disabled club commit ourselves to increasing awareness, providing education, and creating a group of leaders in our community who better understand the challenges those with disabilities often face and the potential that is often overlooked.

Moderator: Mr. Bill Kroenug


The mission of this club is to spread the knowledge of different aspects such as culture, art, and history the Mandarin language. Its function on the campus is to invite students who are interested in the culture of Mandarin language to join and create a friendly, multicultural community with peers from the side of the world. It also recognizes excellent students of the Mandarin class and invites them to discuss and share their aspects of the language and culture

Moderator: Mrs. Debby Lee  and Ms. Connie Chang


The Math Club welcomes anyone who is taking math during the school year to compete in a math contest each month from October to April. The exams will test your knowledge in a variety of problems from Algebra through Algebra II and Pre-calculus.

Moderator: Ms. Janet Gawbill


Each week join with friends brainstorming over unique solutions to very creative math problems. The Archbishop Mitty Math Team covers topics very rarely seen in the classroom. Problem solving techniques are emphasized and a variety of competitions are attended.

Moderator: Mr. Ron Nicoletti


Mitty's Model U.N. aims to authentically simulate the United Nations by exposing participants to the U.N. system, skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiation. It aims to teach students to think and communicate both as delegates and diplomats of a world community, and provide them with the necessary skills to create sound solutions to world problems.

Moderator: Mr. Tom Miller


The goal of Mountain Biking Club is to explore the trails of Santa Clara County. The rides are designed to allow members to relax from the stress of their lives. Mountain biking will be taught at each outing. Some locations include: Almaden Quicksilver Park, Saratoga Gap, and Fremont Older Park

Moderator: Mr. Bill Abb


With the number of fast food chains, food trucks, cafes, and restaurants growing day by day, many in our community including the less-fortunate have access to several inexpensive and affordable eating options.  However, with this convenience and widespread availabilty comes a price to pay—the true nutritional value of these options is minimal and healthy-eating benefits are unknown. Nourishing Minds is a novel effort focused on creating awareness among the members of society about proper eating and a healthy lifestyle. Working with local organizations and designing two eight-part curriculums, one for children and the other for adults, the club will initially present these curriculums to the residents of Family Supportive Housing and later will expand to educate members of other organizations. Through this effort, Nourishing Minds’ aim is to not only spread awareness and encourage change among the less-privileged but to also equip Mitty students with the skills and knowledge needed to continue to make a difference in this field in the future.

Moderator: Mrs. Janet Fenker


The purpose of P.A.C.E (Politics and Current Events)is to provide an area for students with a new or already developed interest in the role politics and current events play in the world around us. Students will come together to share and discuss with liked-minded people. This club is for the person who seeks to further his or her knowledge in an area that they may be particularly curious or passionate about.

Moderator: Mr. Graham Oleson

the PIT

The PIT is the official Archbishop Mitty cheering section. This formal club allows students to come together to encourage and support Archbishop Mitty’s various sporting events. The PIT is a source of inspiration, encouragement, and positive support for AMHS athletics. After events, the PIT is expected to sing the school Alma Mater as a tribute to the hard work of its student-athletes. Sign-ups normally take place at the beginning of the school year. Members are entitled to free entrance into home sporting events, along with priority status for rooter buses to selected away games, and tailgate/pre-game activities.


The Photography Club seeks to promote the art of photography at AMHS.  Although we have photographers of different abilities, we unite in the pursuit of improving our talent and of finding beauty in the world around us.  We embrace the idea that the best camera is the one that you are carrying.  Members are encouraged to take pictures on a regular basis and share them with others.

Moderator: Mr. Steve Scott


The purpose of the Monarch Squash and Racquetball Club is to provide an opportunity for  Archbishop Mitty students to get exposed to     unique racquet sports. This club focuses on recreational practices of the game, and does not play competitively like football, tennis, and soccer. However, students in this club will have the opportunity to participate in various local tournaments, in which they will play students from other high schools. The Monarch Squash and Racquetball Team will offer two complementary taster sessions at Santa Clara Bay Club, in which students will have the opportunity to get a feel for the game.

Moderator: Ms. Katie Grace Benford


The Red Cross is an organization that is founded on the premise of compassionate care for those in need. Through their disaster relief programs, support of military families, Health and Safety Services and Lifesaving blood drives, the Red Cross is one of the most successful organizations that helps aid those who are in need. The Red Cross has provided relief to people in over 70 different countries. This club aim to bring awareness to the situations that occur all over the world and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Moderator: Mrs. Beth Madia 


Roller Hockey at AMHS is a club team sport, affiliated with the Student Activities Department (not the Athletic Department). The team participates in the Rollin’ Ice High School League during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons.

Moderator: Mrs. Lauren Matusich


To promote South Asian culture through the ancient art of Indian dance. Through dance, the club intends to bring students closer to South Asian culture, and create an everlasting community within Archbishop Mitty

Moderator: Mr. Tim Wesmiller


This club is for students who have an interest in any aspect of science fiction. We see first-run movies, watch films, go to exhibits or conventions and have a game day each semester. Topics related to science or fantasy are discussed. Anyone who likes science fiction is welcome to join. 

Moderator: Ms. Nadine Paulsen


The mission of the Table Top Gaming Club is to bring people together in a casual, but competitive atmosphere. With easy-to-play and learn games such as Flux, Race for the Galaxy, and Yu-gi-oh, we aim to encompass a wide range of genres and game styles for all to learn. At the tabletop gaming club it is our goal to introduce students to new people and new games. We encourage people to bring in their favorite games to share with others. So come on in, have some fun, and get your game on.

Moderator:Mr. Evans Leung


The Tech Club: Space Challange serves as a way for students who are interested in engineering to learn more about its many diverse applications. We participate in Zero Robotics, a robotics programming competition hosted by MIT and NASA. In this unique competition, students program simulations of satellites to solve problems of current interest to scientists at DARPA, NASA and MIT, and potentially have the opportunity to have their code run in the International Space Station. In addition to Zero Robotics, we also focus on introducing students to the applications of technology in society and enlightening them about engineering and its numerous opportunities through guest speakers and other events.

Moderator:Mrs. Megan Brody


TEDxMitty was created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading." The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

Moderator: Mr. Marc Martinez


The Ultimate Frisbee Club provides an opportunity for AMHS students of all skill levels to participate in the fast and competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee. Official club games are scheduled for various Friday afternoons throughout the school year at John Mise Park.  The Ultimate Frisbee Club also hosts off-campus trips to Disc Golf courses in the Bay Area.  In the past, the club has played at the courses at Hellyer Park in San Jose and the De la Vega Park in Santa Cruz.  All students with an interest in Frisbee are welcomed. 

Moderator: Mr. Derek Korbel


Mitty UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) brings together students who are passionate about advocating to improve the lives of families around the globe and to combat the atrocities that they are facing. Being a part of Mitty UNICEF includes writing to elected officials, composing articles about prevalent issues, volunteering at various community service areas as a group, and participating in events and activities that would further educate others about crucial global concerns, particularly in underdeveloped nations. UNICEF is committed to ensuring special protection for the most disadvantaged children—victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation, and those with disabilities. 

Moderator: Mrs. Debra Cassara