5000 Mitty Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129

By Phone
School: (408) 252-6610
Fax: (408) 252-0518
Faculty: Please email or call the school number.
School Receptionist: Kelly Soares

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Principal Tim Brosnan
Associate Principal Kate Caputo
Associate Principal Keith Mathews
Chief Financial Officer Jorge Helmer
Dean of Students Jim Fallis
Director of Admissions Katherine Wesmiller
Director of Athletics

Josh Walker

Director of Campus Ministry Tim Wesmiller
Director of Performing Arts Mason Kimont
Director of Student Activities Greg Walker
Assistant to the Principal/AMPA Mary Ann Prescott
Assistant to the Associate Principal Janice Pedersen
Director of Annual Giving and Special Gifts Mary Jane Schmidt
Assistant to the Executive Director of Advancement Colleen (Loftus '90) Burge
Director of Special Events/Public Relations Sarah Janigian
Director of Alumni Relations Meghan Kovaleski
Advancement Assistant Kelly Rodman
Alumni Updates Alumni
Attendance Yolanda Garcia
Administrative Assistant for Admissions Lori Robowski
Business Office Sandy Jordan
Jill Messer 
Ravendra Singh
Director of Facilities Andy Helmer
Christian Service Information Christina McDougall
Director of
Educational Technology
Diane Darrow
Library Assistants

Gretchen Weidenbach
Regina Wiepking

Director of
Information Technology
Eric Anderson
Student Activities Assistant Melissa Boulton
Director of Summer Programs Anne Nowell
Registrar /Scheduling and Student Records Karen Waterbury
Retreat Information Kim Roberts
Outreach Coordinator Patsy Mireles
Archbishop Mitty Parent Association MaryAnn Prescott
Director of Publications Luie Lopez
Asst. Director of Publications John Beahm
Web Manager Carl Silva
Abb, Bill Math
Accorsi, Michael Social Studies
Almazan-Cezar, Brett Math
Barnard, Mark Performing Arts
Benford, Katie Counseling
Black, Jeannine English
Boulton, Melissa Social Studies 
Brazelton, Kevin English
Brody, Megan Math
Brosnan, Sally Religion
Brosnan, Tim Performing Arts
Brown, Dave Physical Development
Byrnes, Kristin Religious Studies
Calamba, Elaine Counseling
Caputo, Kate English
Cao, Antoinette English
Calaway, Kristy Religious Studies
Cassara, Debra Religious Studies
Chang, Connie Math
Modern Language
De Palma, Matt Math  D.C.
Dorian-Glynn, Linda Math
Doyle, Carolyn Religious Studies
Dumesnil, Peter Social Studies
Eagleson, Brian English
Visual Arts
Epidendio, Katie Visual Arts
Fairley, Chris Science
Falcone, Janie Counseling
Social Studies
Fallis, Jim Social Studies
Fenker, Janet Science
Gawbill, Janet Math
Glomb, Laura Social Studies
Greene, Mike Math
Greene, Genevieve Science
Haniger, Matt Math
Hannon, Theresa Science
Herrera, Steve Religious Studies
Hofmann-Curry, Kendra English
Hopkins, Shelley Modern Language D.C.
Howard, Richard Religious Studies
Hutton, Bill Math
Jacobsen, Sigrid Religious Studies
Jackson, Jennifer English
Joshi, Karen Forensics Director
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Tim Math 
Kerr, Kim Social Studies
Kimont, Mason Performing Arts D.C.
Korbel, Derek Counseling
Social Studies
Kroenung, Bill Religious Studies
Kroenung, Janelle English
Lavelle, Brendan Social Studies
Lee, Debby Modern Language 
Lemak, Peggy Visual Arts D.C.
Leone, Christina Religion
Leung, Evans Science
Lesnick, Jennifer English
Limoges, Nichole Art
Lopez, Rose Modern Language
Madia, Beth English
Matusich, Lauren Religious Studies
McAdams, Larry Science
Menor, Tien Counseling D.C.
Minor, Donna Counseling
Miller, Tom Social Studies
Mireles, Patsy Modern Language
Monk, Kayla Math
Monson, Tamara English
Mosunic, John Religious Studies  D.C.
Motroni, Tom Science
Moura, Anethra Performing Arts
Najlis, Liz Modern Language
Nicoletti, Ron Math
Nowell, Anne Social Studies
Oakland, Dina Physical Development D.C.
Oceguera, Sandy English
Oleson, Graham Social Studies  D.C.
Otayco, Tina English
Pasquinelli, Kathi Modern Language
Paulsen, Nadine Modern Language
Petrich, Rick Physical Development
Phillips, Sue Math
Pierson, Scott Science
Purner, Betsy Religious Studies
Rojo, Anthony Social Studies
Sales, Parviz Math
Salmon, Jennifer Modern Language
Sampson, Paul Science D.C.
Santana, Doug Performing Arts
Saunders, Mary Ann Science
Scharrenberg, Will Social Studies
Scott, Bea Religious Studies
Scott, Gregory Science
Scott, Steve Religious Studies
Silva, Carl English
Visual Arts
Simón, Erin Performing Arts
Slevin, Kate Science
Targgart, Mike Science
Thompson, Sue Modern Language
Tirado, Catalina Modern Language
Thomas, Kate English
VanValkenburg, Mick English  D.C.
Walker, Megan Religious Studies
Walker, Tara
Wesmiller, Katherine Social Studies
Wesmiller, Tim Religious Studies
Whitt, Craig English
Williams, Justina Social Studies
Woodruff, Maria  Counselor
Zachmeier, Lauren English
Zambo, Leslie Modern Language
D.C. Department Chairperson